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Welcome to our Civil War gaming blog! Feel free to stay awhile! We have posted photos of our wargames we ran, as well as pictures of leading leading war dioramas and vignettes from across the country.


The Johnny Reb Gaming Society had its genesis as a global organization of miniature wargamers who recreate historical military conflicts from the Civil War using regimental-level gaming rules such as Johnny Reb 3, Honor & Glory, Regimental Fire & Fury, American BattleLines, Mr. Lincoln’s War, Civil War Commander II, Rally Round the Flag, and many others.


The Johnny Reb Gaming Society existed to promote the usage and enjoyment of miniature wargaming of clubs and individuals who enjoy regimental-level Civil War miniature wargaming. Through education, cooperative sharing of scenarios and gaming tips, and social interaction at gaming conventions, the society will actively seek to expand the use of these rules for private and public wargaming.

Each quarter from 2003-2013 we published an informal newsletter (CHARGE!) with original regimental-level wargaming scenarios (suitable for other rules sets as well as Johnny Reb), reprints or updates of classic older scenarios (many of which had first appeared in The Zouave magazine), historical articles on the Civil War by leading authors, gaming-related articles, terrain making tips, painting and flag guides, Civil War research papers, and rules-specific articles. This newsletter typically contained at least two scenarios in each issue. Publication ceased in the summer of 2013.


Scott and Debi Mingus


Back issues are available on The Wargame Vault.


Scott Mingus’s 15mm layout of the Battle of Baton Rouge (Louisiana)


19 thoughts on “Johnny Reb Gaming Society

  1. Glad to see this blog, Scott. BTW, how much do you think I need to add for shipping on the Antietam Interest Stories book?

  2. Scott Mingus

    Note that the cover photo was taken at a gaming convention by Tom Poston, a North Carolina Civil War buff and photographer. Used by permission.

  3. Matt Gerard

    Scott –

    How do I become a member of JRGS?

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  5. Charles Cassidy

    I would like to subscribe. My email is:

  6. David Cameron

    Hi JRGS

    I was hoping that you might be able to help me or point me in the right direction.

    I’ve been painting ACW 25 mm Dixon figures for some time and I have read and re-read JRIII (far superior to any other rules avilable).

    One qiestion I can’t resolve – what is the maximum range in which a charge can be made – I’m aware of the charge bonus – but what if you charge in broken ground (4 inches) and the enemy are 8 inches away and you fail to make contact i.e., dice only allow you a maximum of 6 inches – do you treat the charge as having failed – and it becomes a fire fight at 2 inches?

    Any pointers that you can help will be GREATLY appreciate – thanks for your time

    Best wishes

    Dave Cameron (Australia)

  7. David,

    If the charge fails to reach the target, it’s very bad for the attacker of course. The defender of course can shoot at the oncoming chargers, which will be in disorder by the point the charge fails. The attacker may choose to shoot as well, but in disorder and down a die from having moved. It also abandoned all cover (even if the charge fails to reach the intended target).

  8. Good morning.
    I love civil war.
    saw your site. an excellent web site i may add.
    i wish to join.
    please advise me How ?
    thank you.
    Jim Quinn Jr

  9. Hello Jim!

    Please send me an e-mail at and I will give you ordering information. U.S. memberships are $20 per year and include 4 issues of the newsletter.


  10. John Gray


    Quick question for you, I live in Stewartstown and was curious if there are any places to game locally in South Central, PA?

  11. Scott McCloskey

    Hi Scott,

    Strange that I never knew there was an organization like this so close to home! I live in York county, and I have been an avid fan of miniature wargaming for many years. I grew up in Baltimore county, and was thankfully close enough to Gettysburg that my father made sure I maintained an active interest in the Civil War, as well.

    The majority of my experience with wargaming has consisted of fantasy games (Warhammer, Lord of the Rings, etc), but I have always had an interest in getting involved with actual historical games — particularly games based on the American Civil War. My main reason for never really pursuing it has been lack of interest among friends, unfortunately. As much as I enjoy the hobby, I’ve learned over time that I don’t tend to invest the time in painting up miniatures unless there’s at least some chance they may be deployed, and see some combat. That’s why I was glad to come across a website, such as this.

    A question. I see you do a lot of 15mm hobbying. Do you have any interest in the 25-28mm scale, and/or do you know of any rulesets that support it? 25-28mm is my usual scale — I’ve been considering picking up some miniatures in this scale that are available at my local hobby shop, by a pretty decent sculptor. If I knew there were a ruleset for this scale, it might finally push me into investing, in them.

    I particularly enjoy small scale combat, which I imagine would translate in Civil War terms to skirmishes between companies. Of course, I play on the larger scale too, but I’ve always appreciated small battles for the ease of pick-up play, and the tactical challenge of every model being so important, that every decision can make or break the game. Do you have any interest in that sort of gaming?

    Anyway, I’m glad to have found this site, and it’s nice to meet you!

    –Scott (His name is my name, too!)

  12. Hi Scott, I put your newsletter on my facebook page on gaming the ACW.

    Love charge.!/pages/American-Civil-War-Gaming/165905306770587


  13. Fred Kurland

    A word on charging. I think it would be helpfull for all C.W. gamers to look at ” Pickets Charge ” on the 3rd day at Gettysburg. a full Confederate Corps was chewed to pieces,with horrendous casualtys, over very clear terrain ( with one noteable exception ). This was by all means mostly the rule for the entire War. The weaponry available ( the Union Springfield rifle-musket had an effective range of over 1,000 yds. for example ), simply made older massed-unit tactics little more than suiside for the men involved. a lesson neither side learned untill most of the war was done.

  14. Kevin MacDonald

    This probably is not the correct place for a rules query – but I see others have done it – so here’s hoping…

    Dismounted cavalry receives a -2 modifier for being fired upon (presumably because of loose formation and/or armament). There is also a -2 modifier for having breechloaders or repeaters. Are these two modifiers cumulative? In other words is a dismounted cavalry unit with breechloaders -4 to be fired upon?

    Many thanks for all the great work on Charge! – of which I have a well-thumbed run of back issues!

    With Best Wishes,
    KC MacDonald (England)

  15. Alan Staton

    I’m delighted to have found this web site. I’ve gamed ACW only dozen times or so (mainly game DBA/DBM). However, I’m done with my 15mm DBA armies (109 armies seems enough for now).

    So now I’d like to get into ACW in a big way and after much research with the peeps in NorCal it appears F n F is the game system of choice (expecially at Cons). I plan to do both regimental and brigade level F n F armies and want feedback on 6mm figures (love the look of this range for ACW). The two recommendations are Adler and Baccus, but I understand Adler are about 2mm larger than Baccus. Since not all men are created equal I could intermix, but a 2mm difference may look massive.

    Those who’ve gamed in 6mm I’d like your thoughts and recommendation on which fig you’d recommend and why (and if an intermix of both A & B would work or look goofy).

    Thank you very much…..Rally Round the Flag….

    Semper Fi,
    Alan (Northern CA – we supplied the gold for the North)

  16. Bear

    Glad to see that this great game still has so many followers. Been playing since Johnny Reb I. Thanks for the blog site!

  17. We, at our Club in the UK have been using JR since there outset and we still play JRII. We have found that we do not need “house rules” or “what ifs”, because any situation on the tabletop is covered within the rules.

    With the scenario books (even for JRIII ones), we just upscale them. This is a great sie too, well done.

  18. Anonymous

    You site look great, Played a lot of JRII and III in the past and looking to get back into it. Was thinking tho, anyone try doing the Mexican American War with these rules?

  19. Yes, there was a chart for the Mexican War in a past issue of the Charge newsletter.

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