Civil War miniature wargaming news

Some updates from the world of Miniature Wargaming the Civil War…

* Round Top Miniatures is working on a new line of Gettysburg 10mm houses. I have seen photos of the first prototype, and I am impressed! These will be a hit. Watch this blog, and the hard copy edition of CHARGE! for more information. The sculptor, John Mayer, makes some really, really nice custom Gettysburg houses for 25mm gaming.

* A major add-on expansion of the Johnny Reb rules is in the works, adding rules for combined armes and naval gaming to the existing land-based rules. Tentatively titled “Jack Tar,” these will be out later in 2007 from the Johnny Reb Gaming Society.

* Battlefield Terrain Concepts is now selling cast resin bases for model trees, the newest addition to their line of custom resin pieces.  These debuted at Cold Wars and were a hit, selling out quickly.

* Les Batiments is introducing some new 15mm resin pieces, including some Civil War tents and accessories, including a log cabin. There will be a formal review in CHARGE! in the May hard copy  issue.

* Scale Creep Miniatures continues to shine with their excellent line of 15mm finely sculpted ACW figures. These are really, really nice. Pick some up today from your retailer. More vignettes are coming this year!

* A new Brother Against Brother scenario book, My Brother’s Keeper, is in the works. A collaboration between Scott Mingus and rules author Ivor Janci, this is the first major new scenario book for this rules set.

* Robert Sweeney has introduced an optional card-based system to augment Johnny Reb 3; details are in the May issue of CHARGE! What a blast to play! This adds uncertainty and a fog of war element to the miniatures game.

 * Upcoming new, original scenarios in the pages of CHARGE! include Fari Oaks, Seven Pines, Welkdon Railroad, Honey Hill, Fort Wagner, Monroe’s Crossroads, several battles around Atlanta, and much more. However, please keep sending in scenarios – we always have room for more!!!

 * Nothing new to report yet on Johnny Con 2007; perhaps this Civil War gaming convention was a one-year wonder? I hope not. I missed last year’s , and was looking forward to this one. Perhaps it will return later this year, or even next year????

 * Anyone want to buy a large ACW 15mm painted army:??? If so, please contact Scott Mingus. 550 figures plus 21 guns and 6 limbers. May consider breaking these into smaller units if no one wants the entire lot ($375 takes everything, plus houses and accessories).

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