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Several of you have asked me recently about the status of my long-awaited book on the “first” fighting at Gettysburg (the skirmishes of June 26) and the subsequent burning of the Columbia-Wrightsville bridge to prevent John B. Gordon‘s Georgia brigade from crossing the Susquehanna River. Flames Beyond Gettysburg: The Gordon Expedition has  just finished the copy edit stage and has been submitted to the layout person to beging formatting the text and graphics for publication.

 I appreciate Eric Wittenberg, Mike Nugent, and J.D. Petruzzi, the forces behind Ironclad Publishing, for the opportunity to make this book Volume #5 of their Discovering Civil War America Series. David Wieck and David Schultz wrote the last volume, an excellent treatise entitled The Battle Between the Farm Lanes: Hancock Saves the Center. I am pleased to be next in line after this interesting work.

We hope to have the Gordon book in print later this summer. It will be available on the Internet, as well as at leading bookstores and Civil War shops.

A fair amount of material I left out of this book regarding Jubal Early‘s occupation of York, Pennsylvania, has been recrafted into an article accepted for publication by the Gettysburg Magazine. This is undergoing editorial review and editing, and should appear in an upcoming issue.

 I am also working on an article covering J.E.B. Stuart‘s wearisome ride from Hanover to Dillsburg, material touched upon in Eric and J.D.’s book, augmented by many new stories that have not appeared in print that I have recently found in some out of the way archives. This will also be submitted to Gettysburg Magazine.

My goal is to present as much material as I can on the role of York County, my adopted home,  in the Gettysburg Campaign. Other upcoming articles will focus on the U.S. Army Military Hospital in York and the part it played in the Gettysburg Campaign, as well as Hanover Junction.

Anyone with original letters, diaries, journals, or other material concerning York County and the Gettysburg Campaign are encouraged to contact me at
The bridge at Hanover Junction, rebuilt by Herman Haupt after being burned by John Gordon’s cavalry escort.
Photo from the Library of Congress. It depicts the Northern Central Railway bridge over the Codorus Creek at Hanover Junction, Pennsylvania. This was rebuilt by Herman Haupt’s USMRR workers after being burned June 27, 1863, but cavalry accompanying the Gordon Expedition.

Keep the faith!

“Let not your hearts be troubled…”

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