Gettysburg battlefield update

Many of you are aware that I live near the Gettysburg National Military Park. Every now and then, I will post updates from happenings in the park and around the community.

* Fencing has been installed in the past month or so around the Sherfy farm and orchard, essentially completing the restoration of the fencing in the Peach Orchard area east of Emmitsburg Road. Fencing to the west will come later. Some one lost control of a car and wiped out some of this new fencing already.

* Work continues to haul away the cut down trees around the Slaughter Pen area and Devil’s Den. Rock formations that were hidden for years by trees and underbrush are now in view, and I noticed a number of people climbing on the rocks, enjoying the sunshine. Other cuts have recently occurred on Culp’s Hill. The majority of the cutting is finished for this season.

* A number of cannons have been refurbished and returned to the battlefield, including several along the Wheatfield Road. I noticed that the ones on Little Round Top depicting Hazlett’s Battery are still undergoing restoration and are not present. Hazlett is buried in the same town where I was born – Zanesville, Ohio. I may write an article on him sometime downstream.

* Recent flooding has eroded some of the ground along the Slaughter Pen area, including a piece of ground where a couple CSA bodies were photographed after the battle.

* I have a new favorite place to relax after battlefield tramping – The Spot, on Baltimore Street near the square. Great coffee!! Seattle’s Best. Good selection of books, as well as goodies and snacks.

* Best Chinese in town? I like Mayflowers, although others prefer Ping’s. Sure beat Pickett’s Buffet and McDonalds!

* Sales of my Human Interest Stories of the Gettysburg Campaign have been quite good! I was able to sign quite a few copies last weekend during History Meets the Arts, and I know a few folks stopped off this week to pick up signed copies. I have a few autographed first edition copies left for sale. Contact me at if interested.

* Work continues at the Daniel Lady Farm to clean it up – what a great addition to the local preservation efforts! Kudos!

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2 thoughts on “Gettysburg battlefield update

  1. Now that Home Sweet Home Motel is gone, do you think the Friends of Gettysburg will bulldoze General Picketts Buffet next?
    I admit I try to visit Picketts at least once each trip to Gettysburg, for the ultimate “tourist” experience. I recall an eccentric little waiter there named Robin, been there for years, whose knowledge of Gettysburg and historical trivia would rival most licensed battlefield guides! Its fun to sit and watch him dazzle bus tour groups with his banter.

    But then, I am also one of the few who miss the Tower!

  2. What I disliked most about the tower was the incessant blaring of music – it ruined the atmosphere for me. I did love the view from the top of the tower, however!

    Will anyone miss the old Cyclorama building?

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