Charge # 15 mailed!!!!

Issue # 15 of Charge! has been mailed to all members of the Johnny Reb War Gaming Society. This issue has some great articles written by a wide variety of wargamers. For those blog readers not familiar with Charge!, it is the hard copy quarterly newsletter of the society and comes free with paid annual dues. Each issue contains miniature wargaming scenarios suitable for regimental-level rules such as Johnny Reb 3, Regimental Fire & Fury, Dave Marks’ new Honor & Glory, Mr. Lincoln’s War, American BattleLines, Rally Round the Flag, and others. The newsletter also features terrain tips, painting guides, biographies, vignettes, wargaming after-action reports, book and new product reviews, articles on weaponry, and other items of interest to wargamers and Civil War buffs.

Here are the articles in Issue #15:

 * To the Sound of the Guns, by Robert Sweeney, Jr. – an overview of Johnny Reb 3 rules covering artillery.

* Showdown at Seven Pines, by Mike Wedding – The southern half of the fighting at Seven Pines on May 31, 1862.

* Sumner’s Fight at Fair Oaks, by Scott Mingus – The northern half of the fighting at Seven Pines on May 31, 1862.

* Fair Oaks Heroics, by Russ Lockwood – Vignettes and anecdotes from the Battle of Fair Oaks / Seven Pines.

* Minute Biography: Capt. Samuel Richardson, by Larry Reber – The first in a series by Larry of what will be dozens of life overviews for notable Civil War personalities, coupled with  photos of Larry’s custom-converted 15mm figure of that person. Richardson was noted for his colorful jaguar-skin pants and his hard riding as a partisan.

* Bronze Guns and Iron Men: Confederate Artillery of the Army of Northern Virginia. Part 1 – Limbers and Caissons, by Peter Griffith – an introductory article to the artillery of Lee’s army and a painting guide for wargamers.

* Product Review: Wargamer’s Terrain FlexRiver, by Doug Rogers – a review of a new system of flexible latex rivers for the gaming table.

* Minute Biography: General Isaac Trimble, by Larry Reber – #2 is this fascinating series, Larry presents a custom figure of Ike Trimble, the firebrand who clamored for an attack on Cemetery Hill during Day 1 at Gettysburg.

* The Sutler’s Corner: ACW Accessories from Les Batiments, LLC, by Scott Mingus – A new line of 10-15mm accessories from George Nafziger and Hank Lubbers, including tents, stone walls, lob cabins, and other goodies.

* Introducing the Element of Chance, by Robert Sweeney, Jr. – An exciting new twist for JR3 players, Bob introduces a card system to add randomness and fog of war to the JR3 game. Very fun!

* Modifying the Charge Procedure in JR3, by Todd Shipley – some useful and interesting new modifications to P.J. O’Neill’s charge resolution tables for Johnny Reb 3.

* Shades of Blue & Grey: A Painters’ Eye View. Part 1, by Andrew MacDonald-Rice – Andy Mac presents the first in a series of figure painting tips and guides.

* Regimental Level ACW Scenario Books, by “the Mad Wargamer” – the veteran masked marvel brings JRGS members an overview and summary of commercially published wargaming scenario books for Civil War gamers and challenges the membership to submit scenarios for a wide variety of battles not yet covered or undercovered.

Lots and lots of goodies coming up in the next issue.

We continue to bring occasional articles from publish authors of Civil War books, with a new surprise guest writer coming in Issue #16! In the past, we have published articles from J. David Petruzzi (Plenty of Blame to Go Around: Jeb Stuart’s Controversial Ride to Gettysburg), Phil Cole (The Artillery at Gettysburg), Brent Nosworthy (Bloody Crucible of Courage), Scott Mingus (Flames Beyond Gettysburg: The Gordon Expedition), Chuck Teague (several magazine articles for national publications), nd others. We have several more ACW authors lined up as guest writers in future issues!!

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