Civil War statues near your hometown?


I am fortunate to live near Gettysburg, and can see ACW monuments anytime I want. However, I don’t even have to drive the half hour to the battlefield to see Civil War statuary. I live in York, which has a very impressive huge Civil War monument in Penn Common, as well as the usual infantryman statue in a small park elsewhere in the city. The local graveyard also has some ACW monumentation.

 Small towns all across the North have statues erected by the towns to commemorate local soldiers or regiments. Often these are near the courthouse or in the town square. One of the most impressive of the latter ones is a statue in a town near where I grew up in the rolling hills of southern Ohio. In Somerset stands Ohio’s only equestrian statue, one that honors Phil Sheridan. Mounted on an impressive bronze warhorse, the statue is very cool, particularly when I was a small kid. Sheridan became my favorite officers, until I was older and learned more about his career and talents.


Any neat statues where you live or were raised?

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2 thoughts on “Civil War statues near your hometown?

  1. Claudia

    Have you ever seen another one like this?

    Do you have an idea when it was put in place? and the story behind it?

    My husband and I are just beginning research on these interesting memorials.

    Thank you for sharing.


  2. Mike Canipe

    I Live near the one in Shelby, North Carolina and am fortunate to be the great great great grandson of a CSA veteran

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