Civil War Art

I was a guest author at the 10th annual History Meets the Arts festival in Gettysburg last month and was pleased to see so many exciting French and Indian War artists – some outstanding paintings and artists! I have gained a new appreciation for fine artwork. I enjoy browsing through the Civil War art galleries in Gettysburg, and especially like to walk through Dale Gallon‘s gallery. He’s one of my favorites, along with Bradley Schmehl, whose painting of the burning of the Columbia-Wrightsville Bridge is next on my target list. Last night, I was in a friend’s house over in Adams County and was admiring his impressive collection of John Michael Strain‘s works (I like his new bridge painting – I’m partial to bridges!).

So, who is your favorite Civil War artist – Troiani, Maritano, Reeve, Kunstler, Gallon, Schmehl, Strain, someone else? And what is your favorite painting or subject matter? Why?

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8 thoughts on “Civil War Art

  1. Norris Darrall

    My favorite print is Troiani’s “The Men Must See Us Today”. When I had a game room, it hung there, now with apartment living, it is in the hallway. The print exemplifies a leadership trait relevant to all eras and not limited to military. When things are difficult, leaders must be visible.

  2. James Mattes

    Troiani’s works is my favorite. I have six or seven prints from him. Keith Rocco is a close second. I have two ACW works and three of his other stuff.
    James Mattes

  3. My vote has to be DonTroiani with Mort Kunstler comming in second. I use artwork from both artists along with other sources to build up a painting guide when doing miniatures. Saddly all though I own all of thier relivant books I have yet to get any artwork on to my walls.

    This I intend to remedy in the near future.

    Andy Mac

  4. I own all of Don Troiani’s and Mort Kunstler’s books covering the Civil War and use them for reference purposes when researching uniforms. If I had to chose it would be Troiani’s work first.

    I do not have as yet any prints by either of these artists but I’m hopeing that will chance come July and my birthday, I’m leaving enough clues around the house.

    Whilst researching for my next artilce in Charge! I have come accross the work of Mark Maritato, and although he has not the output of the others he has done some very nice peices.

    Well that’s my 2 cent’s worth.

    Andy Mac

  5. Barry

    My overall favorite would be Don Troiani with John Paul Strain, particularly his later works involving water and dappled light and Kieth Rocco coming second. Michael Gnatek is another artist who’s work I quite like.

    Kind Regards,


  6. In terms of accuracy and composition Troiani and Rocco are the best IMHO. I also think the work of Mark maritato has promise. Kuntsler and Strain are at the bottom of my list. Their work might look good on calendars and coffee mugs but has no value where accurate historical art is concerned.~Gary

  7. Hey Gary,

    You certainly have some talent yourself!!! Nice work, and an interesting blog.


  8. Hi. I work at The Bronze Look in historic Princeton, WV We carry Mort Kunstler and John Paul Strain Civil War Artworks. We also have currency from that time period. Check us out online at or contact me

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