New scenario series coming in hard copy CHARGE!

Mitchell Land is writing a new series of original miniature wargaming scenarios for publication in CHARGE!, starting in Issue #16. This series will focus in Sterling Price’s Missouri Raid and promises to offer a number of interesting engagements and battles for regimental-level miniature wargamers to try on your gaming tables.

 The first installment will be the Action at the Mounds, an unusual battle fought among two imposing prehistoric Indian mounds in Linn County, Kansas. This will be supplemented by two smaller scenarios for the delaying actions at Marais des Cygnes by Clark’s brigade. All are fun little scenarios designed for two players.

The highlight of this series (in print later this year) will be the Battle of Mine Creek, an engagement with over 10,000 mounted infantry and cavalry that will surely challenge the wargamer to learn to effectively manuever with these short-range troops.

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