What Civil War figures do you have in your miniature armies?

Years ago, I started miniature wargaming in college at Miami of Ohio using 20mm lead-pewter figures from K+L, and Oklahoma-based casting company. I stumbled across their ad in the back of Civil War Times Illustrated and, having been introduced to miniature gaming by George Nafziger (now a well known author), I purchased several figures and combined them with my old HO-scale plastic Civil War “army men” into a cohesive force.

After college, I went to work near Cleveland, Ohio, for office products and self-adhesive label company Avery Dennison. My collection soon changed from a focus on 20mm to 15mm, a smaller scale with much more variety of poses and manufacturers. I invested rather heavily in Stone Mountain, Minifigs, and Old Glory figures, as well as Musket Miniatures. over time, I added in a few figures from Peter Pig, Naismith Design, RAFM, Falcon, Yucca, Empire, Essex, and other manufacturers of metal figures. A few years ago after moving to Pennsylvania, I bought some painted AB Figures from Larry Reber and I was hooked on this line, which blends well on a stand with Old Glory figures.

I eventually sold off my old Minifigs, Musket Miniatures, and Falcon figures to focus on OG and AB, which make up the bulk of the 15mm army I use today for gaming and conventions. I still have my old 20mm K+L / Thomas figures.

What figure manufacturer(s) do you prefer?

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4 thoughts on “What Civil War figures do you have in your miniature armies?

  1. My 15mm ACW figs are mostly Stone Mountain with a few others gleaned from hobby shops, conventions, etc.

  2. My 15mm figures are mainly Old Glory, Battle Honors(AB) and some Essex. I have a few other varieties mixed in, but it is mostly the original Old Glory with the shorter bayonets and unbelieveable quality and variety.
    My 25mm is mostly (again) original Old Glory. I also have Firing Line, Foundry and Redoubt. I am so hooked on the original Old Glory in both scales. They were sculpted by Dave Alesop for Russ when he was just getting started with Old Glory. It’s what got the company established. I opened my first 15mm pack of 100 marching figures and counted over 50 different poses. I was astounded! In my opinion, they are the best sculpted, most historically accurate, and most variety of any figures ever! They look very natural and have a certain artistic flair to them. I’m not talking about the newer figures which still contain some of Dave’s original figures. They are okay, but don’t come close to the quality of the original. Just my 2 cents!

  3. My civil war armies were built in the 1980’s for the most part. Most of my collection are old Stone Mountain figures with a smattering of Minifigs and Naismith. I have one or two regiments of Old Glory (allsop) figures that came out just as I stopped playing ACW. I agree with John that the newer OG figures aren’t nearly as nice as Dave Allsop’s originals.

    Were I to start building new armies today, I’d probably go with AB and Battle Honors… Some of the new Scale Creep figures look nice as well, but I’d like to see more additions to the line first.

  4. Dear sirs!
    It seems 15mm is THE scale to go for when gaming ACW.
    However, I´m a stubborn old stalwart..who still sticks to my old 20mm´s(starting in the mid 70´s with Airfix-sets)
    I would like to especially adress the Gentleman who also still had his 20 mm K+L Figures (maybe for nostalgic reasons..which happens to me a lot)
    Since I do have real,eanest interest in the ACW, and 20mm (perhaps anachronistically, I know)…would You consider sell those?
    I believe they are quite difficult to find (notwithstanding the detective-work of finding them)..so name Your price.
    Allt the best to all Billy´s and Johnny´s out there…Keep the Colours flying!
    Dan Svensson,

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