New line of 10mm Gettysburg historical buildings!


John Mayer of Round Top Miniatures in Gettysburg is in the early stages of launching a new line of 10mm resin castings of several different buildings and houses associated with the Battle of Gettysburg. John is a very talented scratch-built modeller who has primarily focused in the past on 28mm scale wooden buildings for his own impressive Brother Against Brother games (photos of these will grace the new BAB scenario book Ivor Janci and I are currently collaborating on). John has decided to begin production of resin castings of his smaller scale buildings.

I received a prototype sample of his new 10mm model of the Snyder farmhouse. The original house sits on the battlefield just west of Emmitsburg Road (the small white frame house near the intersection with West Confederate Avenue) and is on ground used by the Confederates under Longstreet for the Day 2 attack. The detail on the model is excellent; the casting is clean and ready for priming and painting with very little flash or extraneous material. It comes with a separate outhouse.

John will, over time, produce a line of N scale or 10mm buildings that covers a variety of recognizable Gettysburg structures. He will primarily focus on buildings not previously covered by other 10mm manufacturers, but expects to have some repetition with current products for a few more popular buildings. John plans to sell both unpainted castings and custom-painted models for those gamers who prefer ready-to-play finished houses.

Round Top Miniatures expects to sell these models at selected retail outlets in Gettysburg, as well as to gamers around the world via the Internet. A website is under construction –

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8 thoughts on “New line of 10mm Gettysburg historical buildings!

  1. Sounds great. I look forward to seeing this line of buildings!

  2. John plans to issue quite a few models, but over an extended time frame as he develops his business. I’m sure that he would welcome feedback on this forum as to what buildings gamers are most interested in 10mm scale.

  3. Curt Daniels

    Looks great. I’m ready to pre-order anytime John starts taking orders.

  4. I am taking orders now for the Snyder house. Contact me through my email address. I’d love to hear what others are looking for in the future. If everything goes well, this will be a long term project with lots of distinctive Gettysburg buildings to come in the future.

  5. At the time of the Battle of Gettysburg, farmer Phillip Snyder and his two children lived in the original house. They had vacated it as the armies arrived and traveled to safety. Upon their return, they found considerable damage to their property, particularly to the fences that had dotted their farmland.

    Their farm lane running through the Warfield Ridge Woods had been used by Ward’s Brigade of the Union III Corps between noon and 1 p.m. on July 2, 1863. They headed northwest towards the Pitzer Woods on Seminary Ridge, where they engaged Wilcox’s Rebels before falling back to Houck’s Ridge. Later that afternoon, part of Hood’s Division formed into battle line on the Snyder farm. The Georgia Brigade of Brig. Gen. George T. “Tige” Anderson passed through the property during its advance towards the distant Union line on the George Rose farm (the Wheatfield).

    The small wooden house has been restored by the National Park Service, but is not marked with any kind of plaque telling its story.

  6. These buildings are designed primarily for 10-15mm wargamers who want a smaller size building than traditional 15mm lines on the market. The use of 10mm buildings with 15mm figures has rapidly expanded (which is what I use for my gaming, and is what John saw during my demo game at Gettysburg back in March). John’s new buildings are perfect for this. He will later come out with a line of smaller houses aimed at the 6mm – 10mm scale.

  7. Paul Stevenson

    Really pleased about this and I hope a UK retail outlet can be found. Will all the buildings focus on Gettysburg?

  8. Our new website is up and running, including current product line and pictures of finished buildings.
    Currently taking orders via, mail and email. See site for details

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