Eureka Miniatures pre-orders for Trans-Mississippi ACW figures

Reader Nick Buxley of merry ole’ England contacted me. He is working with Eureka Miniatures of Australia to have them make a line of custom 28mm ACW figures for the Trans-Mississippi Theater. Eureka offers as “100 club” option where a wargamer such as Nick (or anyone else) can suggest a new addition to their current line-up of figures. If at least 10 other gamers from around the world show a marked interest in this new potential line, Eureka will advertise it on their website and invite pre-orders. If the pre-orders total 150 individual figures, then they will put the figures into production.

Nick had noticed a gap in the 28mm marketplace for ACW figures for the Trans-Mississippi Theater (Quantrill’s Raiders, CSA infantry in battle shirts,  local Missouri militia, Black troops, etc.)  and wrote to Eureka suggesting these additions.

Should any JRGS member or readers of this blog be interested in supporting his initiative and getting these figures into production, feel free to follow-up directly with Eureka. Follow this link to reach their 100 club and place your pre-order. As mentioned, these will be filled when the world-wide total hits 150 figures.

Nick (and others) have reported to me that Eureka’s quality is quite good. Being a 15mm ACW gamer, I personally own none of their figures, but have seen them at Historicon and other conventions. They are indeed nice figures.

So, please support Nick’s request should you be interested in Eureka producing figures for the Trans-Mississippi Theater!

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