“Crossover” figures

The casual Civil War gamer frequently stays with advertised lines of ACW figures, ordering packs of specific ACW figures to fill out their armies. Armies often are boring, without a lot of variety in poses if the gamer sticks with one figure manufacturer or one line of castings.

The veteran gamer often looks beyond the normal for figures from other periods / countries / wars that might work to add even more variety to the miniature Civil War army. These so-called “crossover” figures, while specifically made for one period, often can be converted or adapted for use for Civil War armies, often simply by varying the paint scheme or by modest conversions.

 Tom Dye from GFI is among the 15mm figure manufacturers whose figures are versatile enough to be used for multiple periods. For example, his Crimean War range includes a number of packs that are useful for ACW gamers looking for something a little different. The French Zouaves from this line are quite usable for ACW zouaves. The uniforms, headgear, and trousers are fine for most generic zouave regiments. Many of the castings have goatees and mustaches; it’s easy enough to add in full beards if desired.

Another possibility is to use the Bergastraeli figures to represent the Garibaldi Guard (39th New York Infantry). These castings have round hats with ostrich plumes, matching the early war uniforms of this famed regiment. The line of Turcos figures can also be painted to ACW colors to add even more variety and color to the standard Civil War army.

Have a look at Tom’s website and get creative in what you can do with adopting other figures for ACW usage. I found that certain 15mm AWI militia figures with floppy hats are readily usable as Confederates to again add more poses to an existing army, as are figures from other periods, including some colonial civilians.

What “crossover” figures do you have in your armies?

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2 thoughts on ““Crossover” figures

  1. Paul Stevenson

    When I gamed with 15s, i had a majority of Old Glory, Frei Korps, some Conquest, Polly Oliver (AB) , Stone Mountain, Table Top, Essex, Donnington and Minifigs and one or two others I’ve forgotten. That’s quite a lot and I never did feel the need to go to another period range.

    I can see this as a useful means for plastic figure players. For example Waterloo do a Bersaglieri set, Emhar do some nice zouaves.

    In 28mm with the Redoubt figures, I virtually want for nothing.


  2. Jerry Stefek

    I am looking for ideas to represent pioneer units and pontoon bridges.

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