Johnny Reb wargamers around the world! Opponents wanted!

We have had numerous requests for the Johnny Reb Gaming Society to publish a directory of JR2 / JR3 gamers from around the world in various issues of the hard copy CHARGE! magazine. As a strict non-profit organization, we cannot publish the names and contact information for our membership without written permission. I trust that you understand this necessity.

However, should you desire to publicize the fact that you are a Johnny Reb gamer and are looking for opponents in your area, PLEASE feel free to post a reply message / comment to this blog post! Let fellow gamers know your e-mail address or other contact information, what town, state, or region you live in, and your specific gaming / opponents wanted info.

Hit the “comments” link below!

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15 thoughts on “Johnny Reb wargamers around the world! Opponents wanted!

  1. Roger Mark

    Huzza Johnny Reb III players,

    I live in Roseville, CA. Roseville is close to Sacramento, which is in the middle of Northern California.
    Am willing to travel to the Bay Area. Please drop me an e-mail if interested in a game.

  2. Norris Darrall

    I live in Indianapolis, IN and am usually available for a game on a weekend.

  3. Hello, always looking for more JRIII players. I have myself and 1 other right now. We have a few others who will play, but I dont consider them JRIII players, they all prefer F&F, which we play here as well. If you are in Maryland, Virginia, or DC, get in touch with us, we are bout 8 miles south of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge off the DC Beltway, on the Maryland side…


  4. Joe Evans

    Reading, PA. Several others in the area also play.

  5. Rusty Graham

    Peoria Illinois area. always looking for a JRII or JRIII game.

  6. Jason Mirosavich

    I am in Columbia, South Carolina. Always looking for other wargamers, JR or otherwise.

  7. St. Louis, MO. There are 3 of us, actually, that get together fairly regularly. We don’t play JRIII exclusively, but it’s always fun.

  8. I’m looking for JR3 players (I’m a newbie to the rules) in and around Cincinnati, OH. Of course, I’m open too ther periods and rules but am really looking forward to a good ACW battle!

  9. Randy Coleman

    Any ACW players, JR or any other rules in Central Virginia?

  10. Joe LePard

    I live in Ada, MI just outside of Grand Rapids, MI

  11. chris b

    Hey Randy-

    get in touch with Rob at Waterloo minis in Ashland…

  12. Jerry Stefek

    I live in Lisle Illinois A suburb of Chicago. I would be interested in a weekend JRIII game.

  13. Iowa Grognard

    North Iowa/Southern Minnesota area. Towns of note around here would be Mason City, IA, Ft Dodge, IA, Esterville, Ames, IA, Blue Earth, Mn., Albert Lea, MN.

  14. James Mattes

    I too am a JRIII gamer in Central Maryland. Our club AoCM has several players but as a club we only play on Sundays. Not the best times for me. I am looking for more historical (Ancients, Napoleonic, ACW) players in the area that might be interested in other times. We can play on Sunday at Glen Burnie if someone is interested. We schedual about a month out at a time.
    James Mattes

  15. Rob de Wolfe

    I’m in Petawawa, Ontario, Canada and I also play in Ottawa a lot. I play both JRII and JRIII but prefer the earlier version.

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