Master Data List – published Johnny Reb ACW scenarios

For several years, I have maintained and edited a master listing / index of as many published Johnny Reb 1, 2, and 3 historical scenarios as I was aware of. These scenarios were published in magazines, newsletters, scenario books, and other printed hard copy media. The list does not include fictional or hypothetical scenarios unless they were “what if” variants on a known historical theme. The list is not all inclusive, as I do not subscribe to every magazine that is out there, but it should be fairly representative and should contain at least 80-90% of the available population of published scenarios, some of which may have been originally written for other regimental rules sets, but are readily adaptable for the JR gamemaster. Most are Johnny Reb 3 scenarios.

Click the link below to open this master index as a Microsoft Word Document. Use your computer’s PRINT function for a hard copy of this list.

JR3 scenarios

If this list is missing any hard copy JR3 scenarios that you are aware of, please e-mail ( or send a copy via surface mail to my attention at the Johnny Reb Gaming Society in York, Pennsylvania.

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One thought on “Master Data List – published Johnny Reb ACW scenarios

  1. And, one other point! We at the JRGS are ALWAYS looking for original, new scenarios for regimental ACW gaming for publication in the pages of the hard copy CHARGE! magazine. Send an e-mail if you have one you deem ready for sharing with the world.



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