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Antietam book selling well at Visitors Center

The book store in the Antietam Visitors Center continues to briskly sell signed copies of my Human Interest Stories from Antietam. I will be back down there later this month to sign several dozen more copies. This short, highly readable book is a collection of true anecdotes and incidents that I have garnered and summarized from a wide variety of 19th and very early 20th Century primary sources, usually accounts written directly by the participants. Some are funny and humorous, others are ironic or thought provoking. All provide a glimpse into the experiences of soldiers and civilians during the Maryland Campaign.

 For those of you who have yet to order this easy-to-read new book, it is available on-line from or from the publisher at Colecraft Books.

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Johnny Reb wargamers around the world! Opponents wanted!

We have had numerous requests for the Johnny Reb Gaming Society to publish a directory of JR2 / JR3 gamers from around the world in various issues of the hard copy CHARGE! magazine. As a strict non-profit organization, we cannot publish the names and contact information for our membership without written permission. I trust that you understand this necessity.

However, should you desire to publicize the fact that you are a Johnny Reb gamer and are looking for opponents in your area, PLEASE feel free to post a reply message / comment to this blog post! Let fellow gamers know your e-mail address or other contact information, what town, state, or region you live in, and your specific gaming / opponents wanted info.

Hit the “comments” link below!

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Gettysburg Anniversary Battlewalks

My son Tom and I attended some of the 144th Anniversary Battle Walks today in Gettysburg, charging across the Valley of Death up to the stone wall, where my older son Scott, my daughter-in-law, and my cute little grandson were awaiting “Pickett’s Charge.” Gettysburg park ranger John Heiser was the tour guide for this entertaining battle walk. Earlier in the day, Tom and I hiked the educational walk / tour of the attack on Culp’s Hill, led by Troy Harmon. Two excellent walks!

A few members of the Johnny Reb Gaming Society were on various walks this week; great to see some old friends!

 The National Park Service hosts regular battle walks each afternoon during the summer season, including some of the very same walks presented during the anniversary commemoration, but without the crowds. Schedules can be obtained at the Visitors Center.

I signed 40 or so books today at the Visitors Center; sales remain very brisk for the Human Interest Stories of the Gettysburg Campaign! Sales, as expected, of the Antietam book lag behind, but that book sells reasonably well at the Antietam park. Volume 2 of the Gettysburg book will be submitted to the publisher shortly. My thanks to author and newspaper editor James McClure for his proofreading and editorial help! Watch for this new book in the winter!

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Brothers Divided

Some of you are aware that talented wargaming author and graphic designer Ivor Janci and I are collaborating on a new Gettysburg Campaign scenario book for his popular Brother Against Brother rules set. Entitled Brother’s Divided, this new scenario book should be in print in 2008 in time for the spring conventions. Scenarios range from attacks on trains / train stations (White’s raid on Point of Rocks, MD) to street fighting (Union withdrawal through Gettysburg’s streets on July 1) to missions to burn down houses and barns (Harmon Farm). Richly illustrated with photos of games and figures by John Mayer of Round Top Miniatures, this promises to be an interesting and graphically appealing addition to the family of Civil War wargaming scenario books.

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