Brandy Station story

Fighting raged on June 9 near Brandy Station, a lonely railroad stop near Culpeper, Virginia. The 1st New Jersey Cavalry engaged in a series of charges and countercharges that swept across the prominent Fleetwood Hill. In the middle of the savage fighting, Lieutenant Colonel Virgil Broderick’s horse fell dead beneath him. Young bugler James Wood sprang to the ground and gave his mount to the commander. As Private Wood sought another horse, a Rebel trooper rode up and ordered him to surrender. The musician, realizing that resistance might prove fatal, wisely complied. As he was being taken to the rear, Wood discovered a discarded carbine lying on the ground. He quietly reached down, seized it, and leveled it at his captor. Wood forced the surprised Confederate to dismount and change places with him. The chagrined Southerner had no clue the threatening carbine was unloaded.

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