Brother Against Brother scenario book: an update

Ivor Janci of Marek/Janci Design of Wheaton, Illinois, designed and published my first three wargaming scenario books, namely the Enduring Valor series and Undying Courage, which covered Gettysburg and Antietam respectively for regimental-level Civil War rules. Ivor and I are again collaborating on another Gettysburg Campaign scenario book, but this time it is for skirmish level gaming such as the popular Brother Against Brother rules set.

The maps have been drawn (they are brilliantly colored, with excellent graphics and custom-drawn troop icons) and work is beginning on layout concepts. The book should be in production in 2008, hopefully in time for the annual HMGS-East Cold Wars convention. An exact date has not been set.

One thing that has been determined – we are changing the working title of the scenario book. Since inception, we had planned to call it My Brother’s Keeper, a deference to the Brother Against Brother title and the famous Biblical quote. However, Ivor has learned that a new corps level rules set is planning to also use this same title, so to avoid any confusion in the marketplace, we have deferred to a new working title, Brothers Divided. Unless someone else comes along with plans to use that title, we will run with it.

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3 thoughts on “Brother Against Brother scenario book: an update

  1. Thanks for the update Scott.

    Kind Regards,


  2. We are still looking at a 2008 release date, although Cold Wars may not be possible, as time is flying by so quickly.

  3. UPDATE:

    We are still on target for a 2008 release date!!! As mentioned, Cold Wars may be a real stretch, but watch this Charge blog for the official release date!


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