Fernando Enterprises announces increase for painted Civil War figures

In a part issue of the hard copy Charge! wargaming magazine, I reviewed the painting service of Sanath Fernando, a businessman in Sri Lanka who contracts custom painting of wargaming figures, including Civil War figures.

Sanath e-mailed me to announce his new prices for 15mm and 20mm Civil War figures. His last price increase???? 15 years ago! Not many other wargaming dealers can make that same claim.
Fernando Enterprises can be reached at figures@sltnet.lk

As of 1 June, 2007, painting charges for 15mm and 20mm are as follows (in US$) :
15mm One of a kind / character – wargamer quality 1.00 
15mm Cannon – Wargamer Quality 0.65  
15mm Regular ACW Uniform – foot 0.65 
15mm Collector Quality With shading /Detailing  1.10foot   2.20cavalry 
15mm Horse – Collector Quality 1.10 
15mm Rider – Collector Quality 1.10 
15mm Cannon – Collector Quality 1.10 
20mm Collector Quality –  1.50foot   3.00cavalry 

Editorial comment: While Fernando’s prices are quite low, I much prefer to purchase my painted 15mm ACW figures from Larry Reber at www.gettysburgsoldiers.com. Larry is meticulous, accurate, and consistent in his quality and service.

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One thought on “Fernando Enterprises announces increase for painted Civil War figures

  1. Jeff

    The problem with Larry is that he charges $5 for a single foot figure, which is pretty expensive for most wargamers.

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