New entry level miniature wargame!


Flaming Monkey Games is a relatively new company that specializes in easy-to-learn, fast-paced that young generals can readily master to help ease them into the hobby of miniature wargaming. The company recently announced the launch of an addition to their new Battlebox series – this one abstracting the Civil War. The second in what is planned to be a continuing series of entry-level strategic wargames, this combines a dice-based boardgame with plastic ACW miniatures. The thick cardstock board has a litho-printed map of the divided United States of early 1861. Players manueuver 20 playing pieces (10 Yankee, 10 Rebel) from square to square, hoping to outmaneuver (and out roll) the opponent to seize territory. Rules are easy to learn (only a single sheet of paper!) and the action is fast paced and quick to grasp.

The boxed game sells for $10 and includes the mapboard, 20 HO scale plastic blue and gray figures, dice, and the rulesheet. Anyone that purchases a copy of the new Civil War game will be rewarded by having a second copy sent for free to their local school’s game club if desired. The next two releases in the Battlebox series will be comparable World War II games.

Flying Monkey is also playtesting and readying a new easy-to-play miniatures ruleset, My Brother’s Keeper, for a December 2007 release.  See their website for details.

Having a young grandson, I am always interested in products aimed at kids. The Battlebox concept and their planned Battle Bags series (soldiers, measuring device, rules, and dice) may be something I get very familiar with in years to come as the little guy gets old enough to roll the dice. I need to ease him into Johnny Reb 3…

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