What was your all-time favorite wargaming session, and why?


Many of you have played dozens, perhaps hundreds of wargames. Is there one or two games that really stand out in your memory, and why? For newer gamemasters that may be reading this blog, let’s give them some advice as how to create memories for those playing in their games.

What advice or tips would you give to new GMs based upon the most memorable games you have ever played in – that “wow” factor that differentiated those particular games from the routine or ordinary?

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3 thoughts on “What was your all-time favorite wargaming session, and why?

  1. Tom Reed

    Playing an ACW scenario using Johnny Reb rules. A buddy & I were holding a crossroads with 2 regiments of cavalry, waiting for our reinforcements to arrive.

    From the far end of the board, Union infantry is coming down the raod in column towards us, at least a couple of brigades strong. We discuss what to do and I tell my buddy to hold in place. I mount up and charge my regiment down the road at the column of Union Infantry.

    I make some really good rolls and my cavalry chases all of the infantry off of the road in disorder and I end up at the far end of the table in disorder. The next turn i am able to get my regiment back to the crossroads in good order as our reinforcements begin to arrive.

  2. I have many great memories of games but a few stand out. We played a Shiloh scenario. There were three Confederate players and two Union. Tom and I had the union and were trying to hold off the advance of the Confederates. At one point in the game the Confederate player on the Union left charged Tom. He charged 6 or six regiments with supports. I got involved with the battle on my side and didn’t look over until the end f the turn. I looked over and there wasn’t a Rebel unit with 12″ of the Union Line, just empty space. The Confederate flank had dissolved in a series of routes, fully a over half of the CS division had routed away. At the end of the game we totaled up the loses, Confederate had 20 to 25+ stands lost and lots of routers on still on the table. Union loses were 2 stands!

    The other was at the beginning of a campaign game. The first shot of the game was a 20# parrot at four feet at he had of a Rebel column on the road. The Confederate regiment took a 1 figure casualty. The Confederate player rolled snake eyes three times in a row, (we play JR2.5) and the unit dissolved. But only after disorganizing every regiment on the road behind it as it went for the table’s edge.

    Thn there was the guy that killed three of my generals in one campaign game, but that is too painful a memory to tell here .


  3. A few years ago, under “Johnny Reb” I played my last wargame of any sort. There were six of us per side with six tables side by side by side. I was on the extreme Union right flank with a brigade of cavalry versus a Confederate barigade of cavalry. Everybody else commanded a division and quickly got into a fight with both armies stuck in idecisive fire fights.

    On my side I used woods to mask my approach with four regiment to just outside of firing range. I had all four of my regiments in line, the rebels had three regiments forward halted in line with one in support.

    This was a pick up game butfortunately I had just finished reading “Sherman’s Horsemen” about cavalry battles during the Georgia campaign. I was impressed how it seemed tUnion cavalry divisions always got defeated whenever they weren’t adequately concentrated against their foes. I’d played very few ACW battles so if I ever happened to be in similar circumstances I vowed not to make the same mistake.

    My brigade under the command of B/G Ben Grierson made a stealthy approach to within charging distance and then halted. So the charge sounded and off we went at four versus three. My brigade blew through the deefensive fire of our foe at the halt and suddenly the front line was running off the field. We won an exploitation move which resulted in their supporting regiment exiting battlefield rear permanently with the rest of that brigadel

    Then comes the awkward part. I was barely familiar enough with the rules to pull this off and then wasted several turns because I didn’t know how to rally and re-direct my troops. Adding to the confusion I had to leave early for a family dinner.

    Hurriedly I transferred command to my neighboring Union table commander. Afterwards I learned my brigade started a massive rolling up the flanks maneuver which resulted in a smashing confederate defeat.

    it stands out in my mind as one of my very few and smashing victories but as well as how a vivid lesson of “what not to do” from history can be vitally decisivess.

    Oh yes also never start an interesting game if you have to go home early for dinner. and it never hurts to read the rules before playing.

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