A new source for scale model trees for your tabletop


I received an e-mail from a company I was not familiar with, SAMtrees. Anyone ever heard of them before or have their trees in your wargaming or diorama layouts? Can anyone vouch for their quality?

The Chinese-based company touts that it manufactures “high quality model trees, model scenery supplies at extremely competitive prices.” They have been supplying the architectural model market for more than twenty years with trees and supplies. SAMtrees offers a broad range of model supplies and is willing to discuss specific designs and requests from customers for custom-manufactured product lines, assuming sufficient market demand.

Here is a brief overview of their line of model trees and modelling accessories:

  • Etched Model Trees : Specifically designed for high quality architectural models. Available from 10mm to 150mm in height.

  • Wire Model Trees : Premium trees, wire branches and trunks.

  • Palm Trees : Etched, Mexican, Coconut, Royal Palm and Canary Island Date Palm, with more under development.

  • Plastic Trees : model trees ideally suited to railway & wargame modelers (no retail sales, wholesale only).

  • Scattering Materials : Grass powder, grass flocking dusts, foam textures (available in an assortment of colors and grades)

  • Grass Mat : Up to 1.2M x 2.5M size (available in a range of colors).

  • Cars : available soon (1:100, 1:200, 1:300, 1:400 and 1:500 scales)
  • Figures : Precision painted, high quality figures (available at: 1:87 (HO), 1:100, 1:160 (N), 1:200 & 1:220 (Z) scales)

Their e-mail is sales@samtrees.com . They have two websites: a supplies web site www.samtrees.com and a model making web site at www.simonmodel.com

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2 thoughts on “A new source for scale model trees for your tabletop

  1. Scott,

    I bought a sample pack they offer some years ago. The ones supplied, which were the etched brass and palm trees, are very nice trees. I didn’t receive any plastic trees but but from what I’ve seen they look very good. Unfortunately they don’t appear to sell any smaller than 80mm/3.25 inches. Would I buy them, yes.


  2. My apologies they do sell 55mm trees.

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