Blast from the past – part 2


In rummaging through the vast number of toy soldiers (in a box that I had not looked at for years, mostly cowboys / indians and Civil War, but with a large contingent of WWII as well), I noted a lot of older figures that I had totally forgotten about. 

Anyone remember the MPC “ring hand” figures? Pretty generic poses, and fairly low price. Not nearly as detailed as their regular line of figures. Blue and gray guys for the Civil War; brown for cowboys, gray, tan and green for WWII and Vietnam, etc. Each hand was a “ring” or circle, which enabled the toy figure to “hold” weapons. The Civil War guys came with pistols, rifles, or swords, some of which I still have. Sword belts, hats, and pistol belts made up the rest of the accessories for the MPC line.  They are also noted for the round hole in their base, which enabled them to “stand” on pegs on certain MPC vehicles.

Unlike some other figures from the early 1960s, the MPC figures are still relatively flexible and in great shape (some of my Marx figures, particularly the WWII Japanese, are brittle as the plasticizer has long since evaporated or otherwise became ineffective).

In future installments in this blog, I will cover some other vintage figures that could be used for Toy Soldiers wargaming rules.

Anyone remember playing with MPC figures as a kid?

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2 thoughts on “Blast from the past – part 2

  1. Dear Sir ,
    I remember these figure well ! I enjoy your posts on toy soldiers of the past -the Blue and Gray sets etc.
    Trivia note : most of the Federals had the Sixth Corps cross badge on their kepis . Examine your soldiers if you still have some .
    all for the old flag,
    David Corbett

  2. johnnygeneric

    This is an old post, but can’t help but comment. I got this set on my 5th birthday in 1961. It had quite an assortment of accessories. I remember horses, rifles, cannons, sandbags setup for the cannons., tents, wagons, you name it. It was quite a set. Over the years I lost the pieces and was left with the a guy who lights the cannon. I finally lost it, too, a couple of years back. I had the most fun with this set with my brother.

    Luckily. I found a few of the blue soldiers on ebay.

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