HUGE 25mm ACW collection for sale!!!

A message from John Mayer, a veteran wargamer in Gettysburg, PA who is moving from 25mm to 10mm for space reasons:

“I have too much stuff and not enough time or room for my 25mm collection.  I need to focus on my new project, which is Gettysburg in 10mm.  So, I am selling everything I have related to 25mm ACW.  I have over 1,500 painted figures, which includes infantry, artillery, cavalry, zouaves, Berdan sharpshooters, officers, drummers, flagbearers, dead and wounded.  I also have a scratch-built house with removable roofs, fences, stonewalls and other numerous terrain accessories.  Everything is high quality painting.  I will sell individual squads and pieces or the whole collection at a large discount.  I am currently doing a total inventory.  Please email me for information or pictures.  Let anyone know that you think may be interested.

Thank you,


I might add that I have seen parts of John’s collection when we have gamed together in Gettysburg at Patriot’s Point. I can vouch that his figures and accessories are excellent – well worth having if you collect 25mm ACW figures for wargaming or dioramas. The custom-built house is fantastic! Contact John and have a look at some of these figures on his website

UPDATE: 10/26/07 The entire collection has been SOLD. Thanks for your inquiries.

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2 thoughts on “HUGE 25mm ACW collection for sale!!!

  1. James Mattes

    hey I am interested in Buildings, Terrain, Fences, Trees, walls, and DOA and WIA. Why not bring em to Fall In! 07?
    James Mattes

  2. The entire collection has been sold to one individual. John Mayer expresses his thanks to everyone who inquired about this.


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