Your favorite ACW figure manufacturer?


I have more than a thousand 15mm ACW lead-pewter miniature figures in my wargaming collection, which is a broad array of various makers and types. The majority of my armies are from Old Glory and Musket Miniatures, with a decent scattering of AB / Battle Honors and older Stone Mountain figures. However, I have Peter Pig figures, Naismith Design, Falcon, RAFM/ FreiKorps, GFI / Minifigs, and a host of others, including some vintage Confederettes from Heritage.

What is your all-time favorite manufacturer of ACW wargaming figures? What scale? Why is that your favorite? 

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14 thoughts on “Your favorite ACW figure manufacturer?

  1. Roger Mark

    AB, there is no substitute!

    Except for Battle Honors, which are by the same Master of Masters sculpter, Sir Anthony Barton.

  2. Abel Paoli

    Battle Honors, the poor man’s ABFigures!

  3. I did not see Essex on your list?! I have the entire AoP and ANV for JRIII in 15mm and some left over. I am starting to get rid of unused lead but not just yet.

    As for single figures I love the Generals from Old Glory. I have all four packs plus some.

    For Cavalry I like Essex.

    For best single figures it would be rude Peter Pig (wish someone did reenactors) figures. Old Glory Melee figures are very nice as well.

    I like Frontier dismounted Cavalry.

    Foot?, hard to say I have more Old Glory then anything but I have a soft spot for Essex. If I ever dump any painted figures to replace with say Scale Creep or Battlestandard the 2nd Generation Minifigs and Older Stone Mountain will be the first to go.

    Artillery I have no favorite but I have still over 100 guns and crew unpainted that I will do just because I like to do the stands.

    James Mattes

  4. James,

    I missed Essex in my list. Indeed, i do have quite a few of their figures scattered among my regiments. I like to intermix figures from different manufacturers on the same stand, with a goal of never having any stands that are duplicates. This adds a lot of variety to the forces and, to me, looks better on the gaming table.


  5. Rob

    I game in 15mm and use Old Glory and Freikorp.

    I really appreciate the original Freikorp since they even wear their gear like ACW troops. The diversity for uniform types is the best out there and coupled with the gun line is outstanding.

    I like the original Old Glory 15mm line next, that was sculpted by the same sculptor. But, I guess that was before Old Glory 15s was around. I have bought quite a bit of the newer Old Glory castings and they paint up well.

    And for what it is worth, overall I prefer JR1 because of the artillery rules and formatuions or Guns @Gettysburg for being period representive with good game play.

    You did a great job on the Gettysburg and Antietam scenario books. Posted on TMP as well…

  6. My all-time favorite ACW figures in 15mm and 25mm are the (Original) “Old Glory” figures. Some of these are still mixed in with the New “Old Glory”, but not enough. The original figures had shorter bayonets. That is one way of telling them apart. The first pack that I bought was split between me and a friend. When we divided up each of the different figures in the marching pack, there was over 50 different figures in a pack of 100. The sculpting was very natural and realistic, yet artistic. There are so many different head variations. I like Battle Honors very much also and would rate them second, but in my view, they are far behind the (original) Old Glory figures. Stone Mountain and Musket Miniatures are decent. I don’t like the style of Essex as much, yet they are quality figures and I have some in my collection.

  7. Bill W.

    10mm GHQ, great artillery range and well proportioned figs.

  8. Doug Kline

    I have figures from at least 6-8 different manufacturers. I prefer Battle Honors overall, but love the artillery and casualty figures from Musket Miniatures. I have such a mix in my collection, hard to track what is what anymore.

  9. Jerry Stefek

    I am rather new to the hobby but so far I like the variety of poses and facial features I get with Stone Mountain miniatures. My biggest issue with the company is it is kind of slow filling mail orders. It is usually two to three months for an order to be filled. I also like their paint selections.

  10. Darryl Smith

    Well, I know I am showing my age, but I still love the 15mm Heritage/Empire figures. I have always liked their detail and poses, and I have enough of them to never need anything else. Being a Fire and Fury player I do use Essex figures for markers (loading figures for low on ammo for example) as their figures seem to be the closest in scale to the Heritage/Empire line.

  11. kevin

    I have a large number of Heritage 15mm civil war figs available for sale. All are bare metal, not primed, in good shape. Please inquire.

  12. Phil Gardner

    A range of figures in the 20mm scale that I bought from a sculptor called Mike Percy.All infantry.All absolutely amazing.As far as I know they have never been put up on the market so are virtually unknown.They fit in well with RSM (Formaly Pax Britannica) Hinton Hunt,Jacklex ETC and most of the available plastics.This scale is the original and goes back to the days when I was a kid.If only it was popular again!

  13. Phil,

    Do you have any photographs of the Percy line that you could share with the Charge readership? In particular, here in the USA, I have never even heard of Mike Percy or his figures.

    If you have any pix to share, please e-mail them to my attention at


  14. Phil Gardner

    Scott, Have just seen your post.Sorry it took so long to get back here.Im wondering if you’ve managed to find any Mike Percy ACW figures.I have a few hundred and have seen some for sale on ebay.I do not unfortunatley ,have any photo’s but I suppose I could take some and send them over to you.I can tell you that they will blow you away.There is so little choice as regards 20mm ACW metals but Mike has produced a large range of infantry.They feature a number of avdancing with bayonets fixed and especially loading poses.A guy called Kia Furhmann in Germany had illustrations of them on his web site a few years ago.Unfortunatly, I have lost contact with Mike Percy. My email

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