Charge #17 has been mailed!

The 17th issue of the hard copy Charge! newsletter / magazine has been printed, collated, and stuffed into mailing envelopes. More newsletters are being printed for late membership renewals.

 This issue features Chris Maes’ new bolt-on rules for adding riverine and coastal naval actions to the existing Johnny Reb 3 rules. Entitled “Jack Tar,” these are sure to be popular and will elicit response from the gaming community. Also included in this issue is a scenario Chris wrote for a combined arms attack on Fort Fisher in North Carolina, which can be used to try out these rules. The scenario has infantry (standard JR3 rules), naval guns, Navy landing parties, transport boats, and othr goodies!

Also in this issue is a scenario written by Jon Coulter of Old Dominion Game Works for the Battle of Belmont. While specifically written with his American BattleLines rules in mind, it is readily adaptable for JR3, Regimental Fire & Fury, etc.  Also included is Brian Scherzer’s classic overview of Civil War carbines, a very important weapon for the cavalry of both sides.

If you have never read Charge!, sample issues are available for $5, plus $2 postage and handling. Contact the Johnny Reb Gaming Society for details.

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