Fall In! 2007 convention in Gettysburg

Here are the descriptions of my wargames at this year’s Fall In! wargaming convention in Gettysburg this upcoming week (November 9 – 11 at the Eisenhower Conference Center and the adjacent All-Star Sports Complex on the Emmitsburg Road in Gettysburg, just south of the battlefield).

Friday morning 9 a.m. (event F-010) Give Me A Regiment!!!

ACW; 9 AM; Length: 4; Hosted by: Scott Mingus & Tom Mingus; Scale: 15mm; Sponsored by: Battlefield Terrain Concepts & Johnny Reb Gaming Society; Prize: discount coupon; Rules: Johnny Reb 3; No. of Players: 6.

In the movie Gettysburg and the book Killer Angels, Ike Trimble utters the lines, “Give me a division, and I will take that hill!” Exasperated by Ewell’s refusal to order an attack, he finally pleads, “Give me a regiment, and I’ll take that hill!” Now, explore if Trimble’s boasting was simply vanity, or could Cemetery Hill have been taken? This wargame is taken from the pages of Charge! magazine and sets up Trimble’s hypothetical attack at Gettysburg on the late afternoon of July 1, 1863. Working knowledge of JR3 preferred, but will teach the rules.


Saturday 3:00 p.m. (event S-018) Battling On The Mississippi River

ACW; 3 PM; Length: 4; Hosted by: Bob Johnson & Scott Mingus; Scale: 1/600; Rules: Home Rules; No. of Players: 6.

Rebel river fleet out to check Union advances down the Mississippi. Ironclads, Cottonclads, Timberclads, rams and more.

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