Thank you, Larry Reber and Doug Kline!

Larry Reber of has been one of the Johnny Reb Gaming Society’s greatest allies and supporters. He has provided several interesting articles for the pages of the hard copy Charge! newsletter, and has painted dozens of 15mm figures for me. For my recent Fall In 2007 game of Trimble’s Attack, Larry lent me custom-made figures of Trimble and Dick Ewell, which drew the admiration of several admirers with his alterations and customizations. If you are looking to buy similar custom figures for your ACW, Nappie, AWI or Plains Indians battle, why not visit Larry’s website and have a look at his many conversions and customizations? Send him an e-mail, and I’m sure he would let you know what he could do for you. His prices are reasonable and the quality is exceptional! Have a look today!

I also want to thank Doug Kline of for sponsoring the Trimble wargame and providing discounts to the people who played in the game, a last minute change in plans (my communication error). Most of you probably share my opinion that Doug is hands down the finest commercial terrain maker in the hobby today, bar none. His work is superb, rivalling the best model railroaders or dioramists, yet being sturdy and useful enough for wargamers. I have several of his terrain pieces and neatly painted 10mm houses and barns. He’s now expanded into Napoleonic items, which again are very well done.

 The Union triple huzzah, gentlemen!

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