Central Ohio CWRT November meeting

I was privileged to have been invited to speak at the November meeting of the Central Ohio Civil War Round Table in Columbus, Ohio. My presentation earlier tonight was on the burning of the Wrightsville-Columbia Bridge, a topic relatively familiar to York County history buffs, but an event almost totally unknown outside this region. For many of the 50+ attendees, it was the first time they had heard the details of the strategic importance of the bridge, the invasion of York County, and the Gordon Expedition, the subject of a new book I wrote that is due out shortly. I had dinner with my publisher, Eric Wittenberg, his graphic designer, and some of the CWRT members this evening, and it looks like the book is ready for submission to the printer after final copy edit.

The Central Ohio CWRT is one of Ohio’s largest groups, with a number of active projects and field trips. This was my first time to speak to this organization, and I had a blast talking about the role Gordon’s Brigade played in the campaign, and how York figured into the Confederate strategy.

It’s always fun to export a little York County history to others!

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One thought on “Central Ohio CWRT November meeting

  1. Scott,

    And an excellent talk it was. I’ve heard nothing but good feedback today. Thanks for visiting. We all enjoyed it.


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