Gettysburg wargame photo from Fall In! 2007

Belgian wargamer and long-time The Miniatures Page member Patrick Roovers stopped by my 15mm Johnny Reb 3 miniature wargame last Friday morning at Fall In! as I was explaining the scenario prior to the commencement of the die-rolling barrage. He snapped the photo below. It captures many of the players, several of whom are long-time members of the Johnny Reb Gaming Society. The table is temporarily devoid of incoming troops (Cemetery Hill in the distance is crowned with Orland Smith’s brigade of the Union XI Corps and a New York artillery battery). Soon, the borough of Gettysburg (at the lower part of the photo) will be crammed with a morass of retreating Union soldiers, fleeing in two columns down Baltimore and Washington streets).

My thanks to Patrick for granting permission to the Johnny Reb Gaming Society to use his photo (I had forgotten my camera)!


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3 thoughts on “Gettysburg wargame photo from Fall In! 2007

  1. To those of you who have asked, I am the guy in the very dark blue Johnny Reb polo shirt standing at the upper right center of the photograph.

  2. One question I have always want to know about how you set up is, “What do you use as a template to layout the table at the convention site. Do you go with memory or pre layed out fields, and major terrain features?”
    I do not think I remember watching you set up. Oh by they way I started on the final version of my Hood’s assault in 40mm terrain plan this morning.
    James Mattes

  3. Hello James!

    I used the map I drew of East Cemetery Hill for Charge! as a guideline, but since I walk the ground at Gettysburg so much, I have many of the major features memorized. I use the detailed map to fill in fencing and woodlots, although since I don’t have exactly enough fencing to 100% accurately portray every fenceline, I generalize a bit, especially on the fringes that do not affect game play. Major fencing where troops will move and fight I try to depict accurately.

    For some games, such as my AWI games, that are hypothetical and not based on a set scenario, at times I will create the layout on the fly, with a general layout in mind from playtesting.

    I can’t wait to see the debut of your 40mm terrain and game!!!

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