Thoughts on the JR3 Yahoo Group

For a few years, I have been one of the moderators on the JRIII Yahoo Group, a very active community that has often been a major source of ideas and inspiration for my own Johnny Reb 3 gaming activity. It was this on-line community that inspired me to begin the publication of the hard copy Charge! newsletter, which is now the highest circulation all-Civil War miniature wargaming epistle. I received early encouragement from several members of the message board group and have, over the years, received many constructive suggestions that have helped keep Charge! alive, even when I was ready to throw in the towel and concentrate instead on my fledgling second career as a Civil War author.

One of the things that has amazed me over the years has been how consistently polite and civil the posters have been on the Yahoo Group, unlike a number of other message boards where the frequency of personal attacks and character assassinations freely flung around can get nauseating. The JR gaming on-line community, by and large, seems to be a motley collection of diverse spirits who, despite not always agreeing and at times strongly disagreeing, can for the most part set aside personal attacks and instead focus on “agreeing to disagree.”

Since its humble beginnings in 1999 by fellow blogger Mitchell Land, the JRIII Yahoo Group has grown rather dramatically, especially in the last 3 years (see jrposts.ppt). Average posts per month have tripled since early 2003, and the quality of posts still seems to be high. A search of the archives can find all sorts of interesting tidbits and ideas, all the way from how to base command stands with the proper alignment of Union flagbearers to major rules interpretations.

By the way, for Union command stands, standard military protocol of the period dictated that the National colors were to the right (looking from the rear of the regiment) with the regimental colors to the left and the colonel out in front. Add a drummer or bugler for 4-man command stands and color guards for larger stands.

If you are a Johnny Reb gamer, why not join the on-line discussions?

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One thought on “Thoughts on the JR3 Yahoo Group

  1. Love the group have been on it continously since 2001 except when Debbie deleted me in May! I find it the best source for rules questions and general ACW discussion on the web. TMP is good but JRIII is like a private club.
    James Mattes

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