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Gettysburg wargame photo from Fall In! 2007

Belgian wargamer and long-time The Miniatures Page member Patrick Roovers stopped by my 15mm Johnny Reb 3 miniature wargame last Friday morning at Fall In! as I was explaining the scenario prior to the commencement of the die-rolling barrage. He snapped the photo below. It captures many of the players, several of whom are long-time members of the Johnny Reb Gaming Society. The table is temporarily devoid of incoming troops (Cemetery Hill in the distance is crowned with Orland Smith’s brigade of the Union XI Corps and a New York artillery battery). Soon, the borough of Gettysburg (at the lower part of the photo) will be crammed with a morass of retreating Union soldiers, fleeing in two columns down Baltimore and Washington streets).

My thanks to Patrick for granting permission to the Johnny Reb Gaming Society to use his photo (I had forgotten my camera)!


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Remember our soldiers this holiday season

A friend of mine posted this on a website, and I thought I’d share the information with Charge readers. As you are making out your Christmas cards this year, why not add a card or two addressed to one of the injured soldiers recovering in the army hospital? It’s a cheap price to pay to say thank you to those who are serving their country, and many will be away from home in the hospital over the holidays. The card will be distributed to soldiers by the nursing staff. A note of appreciation, or some little ditty about your family or hometown or other such personalization might brighten someone’s day.
A Recovering American Soldier
c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center
6900 Georgia Avenue NW
Washington, D. C. 20307-5001

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Central Ohio CWRT November meeting

I was privileged to have been invited to speak at the November meeting of the Central Ohio Civil War Round Table in Columbus, Ohio. My presentation earlier tonight was on the burning of the Wrightsville-Columbia Bridge, a topic relatively familiar to York County history buffs, but an event almost totally unknown outside this region. For many of the 50+ attendees, it was the first time they had heard the details of the strategic importance of the bridge, the invasion of York County, and the Gordon Expedition, the subject of a new book I wrote that is due out shortly. I had dinner with my publisher, Eric Wittenberg, his graphic designer, and some of the CWRT members this evening, and it looks like the book is ready for submission to the printer after final copy edit.

The Central Ohio CWRT is one of Ohio’s largest groups, with a number of active projects and field trips. This was my first time to speak to this organization, and I had a blast talking about the role Gordon’s Brigade played in the campaign, and how York figured into the Confederate strategy.

It’s always fun to export a little York County history to others!

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Thank you, Larry Reber and Doug Kline!

Larry Reber of has been one of the Johnny Reb Gaming Society’s greatest allies and supporters. He has provided several interesting articles for the pages of the hard copy Charge! newsletter, and has painted dozens of 15mm figures for me. For my recent Fall In 2007 game of Trimble’s Attack, Larry lent me custom-made figures of Trimble and Dick Ewell, which drew the admiration of several admirers with his alterations and customizations. If you are looking to buy similar custom figures for your ACW, Nappie, AWI or Plains Indians battle, why not visit Larry’s website and have a look at his many conversions and customizations? Send him an e-mail, and I’m sure he would let you know what he could do for you. His prices are reasonable and the quality is exceptional! Have a look today!

I also want to thank Doug Kline of for sponsoring the Trimble wargame and providing discounts to the people who played in the game, a last minute change in plans (my communication error). Most of you probably share my opinion that Doug is hands down the finest commercial terrain maker in the hobby today, bar none. His work is superb, rivalling the best model railroaders or dioramists, yet being sturdy and useful enough for wargamers. I have several of his terrain pieces and neatly painted 10mm houses and barns. He’s now expanded into Napoleonic items, which again are very well done.

 The Union triple huzzah, gentlemen!

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Some random thoughts on Cemetery Hill at Gettysburg

Following the successful and entertaining Fall In wargaming convention, I took a dozen or so gamers on a 90-minute walking tour of East Cemetery Hill. The dialogue was brisk and the questions excellent, as these were some very knowledgable ACW buffs. With nice weather (cool and sunny), it was a perfect day to chat about the action on this critical spot in the Union defenses of Gettysburg. East Cemetery Hill (or Raffensperger’s Hill) before the Civil War was a popular picnic spot, with its commanding view of the hills and valleys off to the east and southeast. Continue reading

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A Veterans Day thank you!


Today is Veterans Day. After church, I drove over to Gettysburg to lead a walking tour of East Cemetery Hill for fifteen wargamers from the Fall In convention that had just concluded. I spoke for about 90 minutes, stopping at various places on East Cemetery Hill to describe the Union defenses and the determined attack by half of Jubal Early’s veteran division on the evening of July 2. We closed at the monument to the 7th West Virginia Infantry, a regiment that contained my grandmother’s uncles and several of their cousins), where I paused with the attendees to remember that it is Veterans Day. What could be more fitting – bright sunshine, crisp autumn air, several good friends, and a chance to reflect at Gettysburg on the sacrifices of our ancestors?

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New product released at Fall In by Les Batiments

My old college friend George Nafziger (a wargaming host when we were students at Miami of Ohio) had on display in his booth at the Fall In dealer hall a new 10mm building that is sure to get a lot of interest from ACW gamers! It a very nice depiction of the standard German-style overhanging bank barn, which are so very common here in south-central Pennsylvania. This new resin model is detailed, well sculpted, and paints up quite well. It has the barn and a base plate. The model could easily be used for the McPherson, Bliss, or Rose barns at Gettysburg, all of which were in this general style.

Although quite pricey ($22), this may be the most accurate Pennsylvania Overhanging Barn model I have yet seen. It’s sure to be a conversation piece on your tabletop Gettysburg layout and, coupled with what John Mayer’s Round Top Miniatures is now producing, there is a very refreshing renewal of interest in 10mm Gettysburg buildings.

Les Batiments can be reached at their website or by mail at P.O. Box 8122, West Chester, Ohio 45069-8122.

Very nice addition George! Keep the Gettysburg buildings coming! What buildings would you like to see the manufacturers add to their existing product lines?

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Fall In! 2007 wargaming convention – Day 1

Fall In! is one of the largest miniature wargaming conventions in North America. Sponsored by the Historical Miniatures Gaming Society’s East Chapter, it has more than 300 different wargames, with nearly a thousand gamers. Other features include a huge dealer area, as well as a flea market for gamers to sell and swap their spare figures, gaming accessories, historical books, games, and other military hobbyist items. The convention is held at the Eisenhower Inn and Conference Center just south of Gettysburg.

I hosted a 15mm Johnny Reb 3 wargame depicting the hypothetical attack that Ike Trimble wanted to make on Cemetery Hill in the early evening of July 1, 1863 during the Battle of Gettysburg. We had seven players for the game – three Yankees and four Rebel commanders, and had unfortunately to turn away several other gamers who had wanted to play, but missed out during the on-line pre-registration phase.

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Osprey Publishing: The Confederate Army 1861-65 (5) Tennessee and North Carolina



Osprey Publishing has issued Volume 5 of their popular book, The Confederate Army 1861-65. A part of their sprawling Men-at-Arms series (this is book #441 in that series), this one covers the uniforms and arms of troops from Tennessee and North Carolina. Written by Ron Field and lavishly illustrated with Richard Hook’s watercolors, this book is a worthy addition to the Osprey family. Retailing for $15.95 here in the USA ($21 in Canada), the book has 48 pages, nearly all of them with period photographs or full color drawings.

Continue reading

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New Civil War movie being released!


I grew up in central Ohio in the town of Zanesville, most noted for its unique Y-bridge and as the birthplace of Western author Zane Gray. Not too far away is the city of Newark, Ohio, the birthplace of John Clem (also spelled Klem), one of the 516,000 German-Americans to fight in the American Civil War. Clem, a young drummer boy in an Ohio regiment, gained national fame as “Johnny Shiloh” and “Johnny Chickamauga.” Years after the war, he became the youngest major general in U.S. Army history.In the 1960s, Disney make a somewhat fictionalized movie based loosely on Clem’s Civil War exploits, entitled Johnny Shiloh. Now, a relatively unknown film company, Historical Productions, has produced a new movie on John Clem’s service in the Union army. The movie trailer can be found at the company’s website. Directed by R. David Burns, this movie at least looks better than the classic Disney flick (at least, it has better reenactors and uniforms!).

I have fond memories of the Disney Johnny Shiloh flick from my childhood, although my favorite ACW movies are Glory and Gettysburg. What is your favorite Civil War movie, and why?

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