Enduring Valor back in print!!!


Many of you are aware that Chicago-area graphic designer and digital printer Ivor Janci and I have collaborated on four Civil War scenario books, three of which have appeared in print already, with the fourth one coming late this year. Ivor and I are pleased to announce that, due to popular demand, the two volumes of our popular Enduring Valor: Gettysburg in Miniature have been reprinted and are again available for sale.

Volume 1 covers the action in the Gettysburg Campaign through the middle of July 2, and Volume 2 follows the fighting through Falling Waters. There are about a dozen scenarios in each volume; these Johnny Reb 3 scenarios that have proven popular for convention and club gaming, as well as smaller engagements for two to four players.

The books contain Ivor’s marvelous graphics, including beautifully colorized renditions of prints from the old Battles and Leaders series from Century Magazine in the 19th Century. Ivor’s hand drawn maps are excellent, as are the other graphics. There are dozens and dozens of photos of miniature wargames in progress, featuring the work of many leading gamers such as Doug Kline, Curt DanielsLarry ReberDale Bley, and others.

The full color books will be available again from leading wargame publication dealers, as well as direct from the publisher, Marek/Janci Design, at mjd_pub@comcast.net. They have been termed the “best Civil War scenario books ever published” by one reviewer.

The scenarios are easily adaptable for Regimental Fire & Fury, Mr. Lincoln’s War, American BattleLines, Rally Round the Flag, A Glint of Bayonets, Civil War Commander, and other leading regimental rules sets.

Why not contact Marek/Janci and order your copies today before this print run, too, is sold out?

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4 thoughts on “Enduring Valor back in print!!!

  1. I highly recommend these companion books to anyone planning to game Gettysburg battle scenarios! The maps are so detailed and historically accurate that I’ve seen visitors to the battlefield buy them as guides for locating original landmarks, fence lines, and troop positions.

  2. Thanks Larry! The maps are based upon a compilation of many contemporary maps made within the first few decades after the battle. For those of you familiar with Gettysburg mapology, I consulted the Warren, Cope, Bachelder, and Elliott maps, as well as a few others. I also used a few modern maps – Trailhead Graphics, McElfresh, and others. For discrepancies, I walked the ground, consulted primary accounts from tbhe soldiers who fought on the exact terrain in question, and spoke with park rangers and other experts.

    When I couldn’t find a historical rationale to break any ties, I flipped a coin. So much for historical accuracy!!!

  3. Scott, are these books going to be available in digital form like Charge magazine? (sorry to dredge up an old post) Mike

  4. The book has been out of print now for some time. I don’t know if Ivor will republish it in digital format any time soon.

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