My first gaming figures

Back in my college days, I started board wargaming with my roommate, Charles Reace. We spent many memorable hours playing SPI and Avalon Hill games, among them one of my favorites, SPI’s Fast Carriers. Through the auspices of a Miami (Ohio) grad student named George Nafziger, we started into miniature gaming. George’s 25mm Napoleonic armies were very impressive.

I sent away in the mail to purchase my first gaming figures. As a Civil War nut, I had subscribed since 6th grade to Civil War Times Illustrated. In their classified ads was an ad for K+L / Thomas figures from a mail order company in Oklahoma. I sent away for several figures, and anxiously scanned my dormitory mailbox for days until the package arrived. The 20mm figures were great – finely detailed, sturdy, and well animated. I hated the needles they gave you for swords, but otherwise, these were fine looking figures.

I popped over to the nearest gaming store (in a suburb east of Dayton) and plunked down money for Humbrol paints. A few days later, my figures were done. I ordered more K+L until I had a hundred or so, and then purchased a few 25mm Custer / 7th Cavalry figures, as well as some character figures for Dungeons & Dragons (Lord of the Rings figures).

After college, I moved to Cleveland and eventually switched exclusively to 15mm ACW gaming, but I still have those original K+L figures, which someday I’ll pass on to my grandson or one of my sons, whoever is most interested in them.

Anyone else remember the old K+L figures???? A few years ago, I bid aggressively I thought on a huge collection of them on eBay, but lost out. I decided instead to build up the 15mm armies, and have not touched the old 20mm figures since, except to show them to a few friends who had never seen this manufacturer’s poses.

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One thought on “My first gaming figures

  1. Gil Sarabia

    Yes, I too, started out with K and L figures. I still have them…hundreds of them. And you don’t have to go on E-bay to get then. They are still out there pouring the metal.

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