Free on-line Gettysburg regimental scenario

Some of you may not be aware that I have a free Johnny Reb 3 regimental-level wargaming scenario posted on-line on my wargaming website. It is for the July 3 morning attack on Culp’s Hill, particularly the action in what later became known as Pardee Field. The scenario has been played many times at conventions and gaming clubs, and is fairly even in terms of which side will win. If anyone out in cyberland has regimental level scenarios you want to share, please send them to me.

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One thought on “Free on-line Gettysburg regimental scenario

  1. Laurence Freiheit

    Hi Scott,
    I enjoyed looking at your scenario even though I am not yet a wargamer. One thing I’ve seen on your scenario and others from other wargame creators is the numbers of troops on the firing line. For me, researching these numbers in the ORs and other sources is usually frustrating since those numbers are rarely given. For GB, likely Busey and Martin are a great help but how about other battles for which they have not yet done a study?

    Can you reveal how you come up with your numbers for men on the firing line for a given battle?

    Thank you,

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