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Civil War dioramas

Most of you know that I love miniature soldiers – whether it be hand-painted wargaming armies, 54mm collector figures, or 54mm toy plastic army men. I was in Gettysburg over the weekend with my two sons and my grandson, and we had a chance to visit a few of the tourist traps, including the Civil War Wax Museum. The little guy enjoyed himself immensely, especially in the “battle room”!

Gettysburg has had a long history with dioramas in some of these museums. Years ago, what is now the Dobbin House restaurant had a nice 54mm layout of the Battle of Gettysburg. Today, a different HO diorama, a much larger one, is a popular attraction at Artillery Ridge Campground. Smaller dioramas dot the town, including one depicting downtown Gettysburg on June 30, 1863 as the Federal cavalry of John Buford arrives on the town square.

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Update on Brother Against Brother scenario book

Ivor Janci and his staff continue to be hard at work on the upcoming new scenario book Brothers Divided: Scenarios from the Gettysburg Campaign. All the maps are finished, and the layout is in progress. I have just mailed Ivor some very nice photos of Civil War dioramas from master terrain builder Dennis Morris. These will be added to the graphics – thanks Dennis!

We expect the book to be in print later this year, and it will be made available through Ivor’s website and from selected wargaming retailers. Stay tuned…

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