Brothers Divided


Ivor Janci, Colin Burke, and I are collaborating on a new scenario book for the popular Brother Against Brother rules set. Volume 1 will cover several scenarios from early in the Gettysburg Campaign, including the ambush at Ewell’s Church, Elijah V. White’s raid on Point-of-Rocks, Maryland, the defense of Thoroughfare Gap, attack on the Goose Creek Bridge, and other seldom gamed actions. The maps are done, and the layouts and graphics of individual scenarios are in progress. This promises to be in the same genre and quality as our strong-selling Johnny Reb 3 scenario books.

The scenarios will feature photographs of Ivor’s 25mm gaming layouts, as well as photos taken at the various battle sites by Thomas M. Mingus, who did the excellent photographs from the upcoming Flames Beyond Gettysburg: The Gordon Expedition, June 1862. There will also be a series of photographs of various dioramas, including the outstanding terrain board created by Dennis Morris, whose work will be featured in the Gettysburg scenarios, particularly the July 4 Rose Farm foray by the U.S. Regulars. One photo of his outstanding diorama is above – click it to expand the thumbnail.

Watch this blog, as well as The Miniatures Page, for updates on Marek/Janci Design’s progress in completing this scenario book!

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4 thoughts on “Brothers Divided

  1. alan

    Can one still buy the Brother Against Brother wargame rules? I am in the UK and have looked on various website to no avail

  2. Contact the publisher, Ivor Janci at Marek/Janci Design. He may have some copies left.

  3. Alan


    Many thanks for the prompt response. I have tried looking on line, but all I can find is a phone number. do you have an em,ail address by any chance? I just brought the Brothers Divided scenarios which look excellent and I wanted to try the actual rules/cards – particularly with the B&O Railway one which has things about the Engineer.



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