Gettysburg Reenactor Appreciation Weekend

Today I attended the 3rd annual Reenactors Appreciation Weekend in Gettysburg. There were more than 400 living historians and reenactors in town to take advantage of several free get-togethers and special events, as well as discount admissions to various museums, restaurants, and specialty retail stores. The bad weather in western PA and across Ohio, WV, and Kentucky kept several people from attending, but those who were able to come seemed to have a good time.

Special events (free to those in period dress) included special speakers, a ladies’ tea, a gentleman’s afternoon event with cigars and brandy, two concerts by my favorite band (The 2nd South Carolina String Band), various book signings, free refreshments at the Gettysburg Hotel, a fashion show, and the highlight of the festivities – a well attended ball at the Eisenhower Inn.

This year, we did not run any wargames at Patriot Point, unlike the previous two years. Last year’s games simply did not draw enough participants to justify doing another series of games this year.

The vast majority of the reenactors were of the Civil War period (both military and civilian), although there was a scattering of Victorian British, some World War II, and a Frenchman.

The 4th Annual Reenactor Appreciation Weekend will be the second weekend of March 2009. See you there?

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