Johnny Reb 3 – Step by Step

A few years ago, I created a step-by-step series of charts for newcomers to Johnny Reb 3 (with the written permission of author John Hill). I developed them originally when I lived in the greater Cleveland area for my teenaged sons and their church and school buddies to help introduce them to the rules set. I posted these some time ago on the Yahoo Groups message board for JR3 gamers, and I thought I would post them here for the broader community.

Try them out as you play JR3 with newcomers, and let me know what you think!!!


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2 thoughts on “Johnny Reb 3 – Step by Step

  1. Quid Veritas

    This is a great aid. Thanks for making it available.


  2. I always had problems with the three page layout. I redid the upgraded charts from the JRIII group some time ago and cleaned them up a bit. I can now run the game as GM just using the two pager. I have given consideration to making your cheat sheet a four pager to give a little more space to the text.

    I am also in the process of adapting JRIII to 40mm. The largest problem is the size of the Sash and Saber 40mm guns. I think I have a fix however.

    P.S. Missed seeing you at Cold Wars.
    James Mattes

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