Free 15mm ACW flags


A few years ago, I switched from hand-painted metal flags (a la Stone Mountain) to paper flags for all my armies. I replaced many of the soft metal flagpoles with piano wire for strength and rigidity. The paper flags I purchased from Cotton Jim’s, which I believe are among the best 15mm Civil War flags around. I aged them, added a ragged and bullet-holed look, and folded them to look like they were flowing in the breeze. Then, I added tassels and/or ribbons. Flagpoles were painted brown and dry brushed gray to look weathered. I also picked up quite a few figures from Larry Reber, who also uses Cotton Jim’s flags for his professionally painted armies.

That being said, I did make a few command stands using free flags I downloaded from the web. There are a few websites that offer free ACW flags. Some are good; some not as nice. The price is the best part – free is a word I can identify with! I have a very good color laser printer at home that Debi and I to print the hard copy Charge newsletter, so the image resolution and color fidelity are very good. Results with ink jet printers may vary a bit.

Here are a few links for websites that offer free ACW flags:

* Warflag – one of the original (and still among the best) free flag sites. The Napoleonics and other periods are quite nice in many cases. I used these guys for my 15mm AWI figures, as well as for some Civil War flags. Union. Confederate.

* Jackson Gamers – Offers a few free flags drawn by long-time gamer Brent Voorhees. These are free to download and use for personal use, and Brent is to be commended to offering these to the public. Webpage.

Piedmont Flags – I have never printed any of these, but there are several that are usable for corps flags. Webpage.

* Brady Severns – Designed for the board game Battle Cry, some of these can be modified and used for ACW 15mm gaming. Battle Colors.

* Warflag yahoo group – There are several tips and ideas for ACW gamers, as well as links. Website.

 What other free sites do you know of?

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One thought on “Free 15mm ACW flags

  1. Gary Byrne

    Do you know of free flags for 54mm soldiers? Great blog

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