Free 15mm ACW flags


A few years ago, I switched from hand-painted metal flags (a la Stone Mountain) to paper flags for all my armies. I replaced many of the soft metal flagpoles with piano wire for strength and rigidity. The paper flags I purchased from Cotton Jim’s, which I believe are among the best 15mm Civil War flags around. I aged them, added a ragged and bullet-holed look, and folded them to look like they were flowing in the breeze. Then, I added tassels and/or ribbons. Flagpoles were painted brown and dry brushed gray to look weathered. I also picked up quite a few figures from Larry Reber, who also uses Cotton Jim’s flags for his professionally painted armies.

That being said, I did make a few command stands using free flags I downloaded from the web. There are a few websites that offer free ACW flags. Some are good; some not as nice. The price is the best part – free is a word I can identify with! I have a very good color laser printer at home that Debi and I to print the hard copy Charge newsletter, so the image resolution and color fidelity are very good. Results with ink jet printers may vary a bit.

Here are a few links for websites that offer free ACW flags:

* Warflag – one of the original (and still among the best) free flag sites. The Napoleonics and other periods are quite nice in many cases. I used these guys for my 15mm AWI figures, as well as for some Civil War flags. Union. Confederate.

* Jackson Gamers – Offers a few free flags drawn by long-time gamer Brent Voorhees. These are free to download and use for personal use, and Brent is to be commended to offering these to the public. Webpage.

Piedmont Flags – I have never printed any of these, but there are several that are usable for corps flags. Webpage.

* Brady Severns – Designed for the board game Battle Cry, some of these can be modified and used for ACW 15mm gaming. Battle Colors.

* Warflag yahoo group – There are several tips and ideas for ACW gamers, as well as links. Website.

 What other free sites do you know of?

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2 thoughts on “Free 15mm ACW flags

  1. Gary Byrne

    Do you know of free flags for 54mm soldiers? Great blog

  2. Sampson Wesley Smith

    Please send to address 56 Honney Comb Rd.Grant Al 35747 Sampson Smith, thanks and God Bless You.

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