Tommy Gilbert’s Hobby Shop in Gettysburg

Exterior of Tommy Gilbert’s Hobby Shop in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania 

For any of you wargamers, toy soldier enthusiasts, and dioramists that plan to visit Gettysburg this summer or autumn, I would recommend that you stop at Gettysburg’s leading stores that cater to the hobbyist. For toy soldiers or wargame figures, see John Zabawa’s Gettysburg Miniature Soldiers on Steinwehr Avenue and / or Charlie Tarbox’s Toy Soldiers, a little farther north of John’s store.

For modeling supplies, the best place in town is Tommy Gilbert’s Hobby Shop on Water Street (parallel to the railroad tracks a block north of U.S. 30). Tommy carries a complete line of Woodland Scenics terrain items, including flocking, ground cover, foliage, talus, model trees, and the like. He also carries other model railroad supplies that are usable for the wargamer or dioramist.

Tommy has recently been carrying the line of plastic street panels, terrain features, stone walls, etc. from Precision Products, Inc. These are popular sellers and are easy to paint and detail; and look good on the gaming table. He also sells plastic figures (both military and civilian) that are usable for gaming or modeling.

The shop features an extensive line of model trains, some of which are suitable for Civil War miniature wargaming needs. Trackage, roadside buildings and details, as well as telegraph poles, can add more realism and interest to the gaming table.

Hours: Mon – Sat 10:00 am – 5:00 pm, Sunday 12:00 noon  – 5:00 pm


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3 thoughts on “Tommy Gilbert’s Hobby Shop in Gettysburg

  1. dear Mrv gilbert
    Im looking for a Quarry dump truck kit ib did in plastic
    like 1/10th scale no diecast).do you knoe who did it.thanks

  2. Chris Johnson

    I remember going to Gilberts back in about 1965, at its old location. It’s where I started my ACW collection with K&L 20mm figures. Still have ’em, to. Good times, good times.

  3. rc cars

    mmm. informative.

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