Lone Star figures from England

Recently, I dragged out one of my old cardboard boxes of vintage 54mm plastic figures for my little grandson to play with. As he rummaged through the box, he came across a metal figure, which he had a blast playing with, carrying it all over the rec room. I don’t recall where I first obtained the figure as a kid, and it may have been included in various collections I picked up from older neighbor kids when they tired of playing with toy soldiers.

The die-cast metal figure is of Chief Black Hawk. Does anyone know much about this company and its products? Any idea when this figure would have been made? Did Lone Star have an extensive line? How were the figures packaged and what was the suggested retail price? 

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7 thoughts on “Lone Star figures from England

  1. Gary Byrne

    They were from Southgate London some say bankrupt others say still going.

  2. Joe

    Name used for the toy division of DCMT ltd in England well known for it’s Western themed toys, cap guns etc. last factory (of 3 I think) closed down in 1988. Hatfield, N.LondonThis is probably from the Medallions range -if it has a small plaque with name on visible standing up from the base? Is it unpainted lead colour? This was a set of 12 indian and cowboy figures.Each packed in an orange cardboard retail hang pack with see thru plastic clamtype cover. Not sure if these from late 60’s or early seveties maybe?.Have seen them painted also so might be based in earlier moulds? US name is Hubley. There is a collectors club in England and a lot of info about Lone Star , including a book at http://www.lone-star-diecast-bk.com/bygonelonestar.htm

  3. I found a few more of these figures in another old box of stuff I had as a kid. There are 3 Indians and 1 cowboy. And, Joe, yes indeed they are all unpainted with the name plaque on the front of the base. My grandson loves all four!

    Hubley was known in the U.S. primarily as a producer of toy cars. They did not gain much of a market share because of better distribution and marketing of Hot Wheels from Mattel and the English import Matchbox from Lydney.

  4. Joe

    I typo’d.They were called Metallions, not Medallions! Have a set upstairs in my Cowboy Room -yes, sadly so! and a few loose ones. No date, but set is 12 in case list is of interest to anyone. Red Cloud,JJames, Crazy H,Kit Carson,Wyatt E,Pat Garrett,Geronimo,Black Hawk,White Eagle, Bat Masterson, Billy the Kid and Lone Wolf. Seem to have a black laquer wash over them, but also have seen some loose ones with signs of paint -and also some painted ones currently on ebay.

  5. G

    Hatfield is part of Southgate I think but anyway its very near. I hated Lone Star soldiers I tended to buy Crescent but the best were of course Britains .I painted one up on my blog , a Herald one .

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  7. have all 6 metallion lone star indian figures and have painted them all up,they have very detailed models
    and are good as the same period Staddon or Hinton Hunt figures which cost 3 or 4 times more than the
    Lone Star figures wish Iknew who skulped the oriiginals J.J. Miller Edinburgh

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