American War of Independence

Continental dragoons attack the British flank.

(Click on the photos to enlarge them.)

Occasionally I will drag out my 15mm AWI figures and play a game either with the Sons of Liberty rules or with the Johnny Reb 3 variant Lee Barnes originally came up with for the horse & musket period.  I must confess that I know far, far too little about the American Revolution (at least compared to the Civil War), even through my 7th great-grandfather Moses Mingus fought in Colonel William Malcolm’s Regiment under famed general and politician Aaron Burr, and later reenlisted in the 1st New York for the duration of the war. Following the cessation of hostilities, he accepted a land grant in southern Ohio, which is how I came to be a native-born Buckeye as his descendants predominantly have stayed put in the Buckeye State.

I always enjoy watching AWI games at the various conventions I go to, but my time is usually so limited that I focus on the ACW gaming action, particularly of course any Johnny Reb games. However, the color and diversity of the AWI beckons me, and perhaps I will get more into the period as I get more time in the future.

Do the British dare enter the field, and how many will be left when they reach the Continentals’ position?

I am aware of a few specific wargaming rules sets for the American Revolution, although I have not played very many of these. The Sons of Liberty rules are something I downloaded IIRC from the Internet many years ago when I still lived in Moses Mingus’s Ohio country.  Of course, there’s the so-called Johnny Tremain variant of JR, and I have watched Guns of Liberty be played a few times and I modified a few free Internet scenarios to make them compatible with the Johnny Reb system.

What American Revolutionary War rules do you prefer, and why?? What are their strengths and weaknesses as rules sets?


Reinforcements leave the Continentals’ camp and head for the front lines to halt the British advance.

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7 thoughts on “American War of Independence

  1. Bob in Edmonton

    I did a review of AWI sets in Issue 11 of Battlesgames Magazine (

    Among my favourites are Patriots and Loyalists and a conversion of the hex-based board game Clash for a Continent (rules are a free download on the Worthington Games website. I like fast-play sets and these lean towards that.

    Other popular sets are British Grenadier (more granularity and older-style mechanisms with lots of charts but also two useful scenario books), The British are Coming, Washington’s War, Warfare in the Age of Reason (with AWI add on), the unfathomable Flint and Steel, and Minute Men.

  2. Bob,

    I appreciate the information! I remember the old Washington’s War rules set. I purchased my first 15mm AWI figures years ago at a wargaming shop in Fort Wayne, Indiana, called The Keep. They were all from the Washington’s Wars line (RAFM???). I recall seeing the rules by the same name, but never bought them as I downloaded the free rules instead.


  3. Eric


    The old Washington’s Wars line was produced by Soldiers and Swords, I think. Now, Jeff Valent produces them, though he can be a bit troublesome to get a hold of.

    I love your AWI pics! I’ve been toying with the idea for a long time and could use some pointers on your terrain as it’s stunning. Anyway, love your blog and keep up the great work.


  4. Stuart Schoenberger

    Washington War’s figures was originally manufactured by a small NY company. When that folded, the designer of the figures, Jeff Valent, who had the molds of the figures, sold them on his own. Although I offered to pay for the molds if he would release to expand his ownline, he has refused. I am considering hiring someone to manufacture/create the molds for the figures I want.

    1. I would love to receive A johnny Tremain set of rules. I would be happy to pay any related costs.
    2. There are quite a few set of rules out theter. The easist way to start on your collection is to go to Free Wargame rules.
    3. In Wargames Illustrated there Scramble rules by Andy Callan published twice in WI that has since morphed into the the British Grenadier, a variant off David Brown’s Napoleonic Rules.
    4. In Wargames Illustrated (WI), there is a variant of the Scramble rules for those who like fast moving rules. It is best for the Southern campaigns.
    5. IN WI, Paul Stevenson published his Revolution rules.
    6. Fire & Fury by the designer, released a regimental level set of AWI variant. There are quite a few versions. Then there are the unofficial variants by those who worked off the brigade game to make their own regimental game.
    7. Column,Line and Square AWI variants.
    8. Minute Man by Scotty Bowden and ?.
    9. Another more later boxed set by Scotty Bowden

  5. Stuart Schoenberger


  6. Stuart Schoenberger

    I would love to hear more…

  7. I have my own version of Johnny Reb 3 for the American Revolution. Charts and information for them can be found here:

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