Complete collection of the Official Records for sale! [SOLD]

A reader contacted me to ask if I would publicize the fact that he is offering for sale a complete, 128-volume hardback bound set of the The War of The Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies. This is the 1971-72 republication (a limited edition of 1,500 copies) published by the National Historical Society. Half of this set is still in the original sealed wrappers the books came in orginally and are pristine / mint condition. The other half have been opened and read, but are still in excellent condition. The owner is looking for a good home for these valuable reference and resource materials. These could be purchased and donated to your local historical society or library if you did not want to keep them for personal usage. Please send me an e-mail if you are interested in obtaining more information about these books and I will put you in contact with the seller.


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22 thoughts on “Complete collection of the Official Records for sale! [SOLD]

  1. Interest has been expressed in these books, so I have hooked up a couple of potential buyers with the seller. Thanks for all your interest!

  2. SOLD!!!

  3. I have the same volumes of the Official Records of the Civl War & would like to sell them but since I’m 81 I can’t pack & ship the books so I would like to know how much they would sell for so I could take a write off if I donate them to our Library..Thank you..Emily Knod.

  4. Hello Emily!

    It is hard over the Internet to judge exactly how much to value these books as I cannot tell their condition. Typically, for a donation purpose, I would estimate them at $500. The price has come down in recent years because the OR is now available for free on the Internet, and there are CD versions available at reasonable prices for computer usage.

  5. Thanks Scott for te info & I will donate the books..Emily

  6. Mark Schumacher

    Is there a value for the original sets? I have all of the books and maps and would like to part with them if there would be an interested buyer. Thank you

  7. There is some value, but buyers are relatively hard to find because the OR and maps are available to read for free on Ohio State’s website eHistory. If any Charge readers are interested, send Mark a message.

  8. greg

    I am intrested in a full hardcover set

  9. george

    Complete set for sale in mint condition.

  10. William

    I am interested in a complete set original or reprint.

  11. Contact George at

  12. James Hyland

    I also have a complete set reprint (Broadfoot Publishing 1985) of War of the Rebellion: Official Records of Union and Confederate Armies. Book Condition: Mint. Complete 128 volume set. Contact Jim @ if interested.

  13. Steven

    I have a set of the War of the Rebellion union and confederate armies and set of the union and confederate Navies. I do not think they are the whole set. I have 93 of the Armies and 25 of the Navies. They are the originals. They are very old. Anybody interested contact me

  14. Jon Platten

    Scott, I have a 1st Edition print leather bound presentation set of War Of The Rebellion, A Compilation of Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, 1880-1901, that was given to and each signed by Frank Jenne Cannon (January 25, 1859 – July 25, 1933) who was the first United States Senator from Utah, who served from 1896 to 1899- There is F.J. Cannon embossed on the bottom of the binding of each book. There were 10,000 copies made. 7000 went to the US Congress, 2000 went to the US Senators and 1000 to other executives in the government. All are in good condition with typical wear around the edges but all pages are in excellent condition. There is also a large fold out map that came with the last volume in excellent condition. I was just trying to get a value for insurance purposes only.

  15. Jon,

    That is so cool!

    I am a wargamer and author, not a collector, so I do not have any idea of the value of this neat collectible. I will defer to any readers who may be experts in evaluating old Civil War books or relics.

  16. I also have a complete set my husband bought new to use for research when he wrote 4 of the Virginia regimental series. He died 31/2 years ago and I am interested in selling.They are in 3 large bookcases.

  17. Tim

    I have an interest in purchasing a new, pristine set of the OR in hardbound from the National Historical Society reprint edition – or, alternatively, a leather-bound earlier edition in excellent condition.

  18. I have Series One still in their shrink-wrap in the cardboard boxes they sent to my Uncle whom died b4 opening , there is 53 Volumes (Books 1-111) , anyone know their value or would like to make an offer ?

  19. Tim

    I’d paid a fair price for the entire set and the cost of shipping these to me in Tennessee. If you could write with your contact information we can correspond privately and close a deal.


    Mr. Mingus,
    I have the following volumes that need a good home. I think you may be able to assist in that regard.

    The Civil War at Sea-3 vol set
    Virginia Campaign 1864-1865
    Rebel War Clerks Diary-2 vol set
    Official Records of Union & Confederate Navies in War of Rebellion-Series I & !!-30 vols
    Supplement to Official Confederate and Union Armies-100 vol set

    All in as un-read condition.
    I can be contacted at:
    Regards, John Kelly

  21. I will also mention this on Facebook.

  22. Peter Wotruba

    I also have the complete Broadfoot reprint of the Official Records (1985) and also of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies. I am looking to donate them to an organization, or sell them if someone is interested. All are in great condition, with about half still having the plastic wrapping on each volume. Total of ~165 volumes. They are Heavy and I live in San Diego.

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