Civil War combat action in miniature

Here are a few more photographs of my 15mm Civil War miniatures and terrain. Figures are mostly AB Battle Honors and Old Glory. (Click on the photos to enlarge them!)

Union infantry approaches the battlefield. Colonel Rutherford B. Hayes of Fremont, Ohio, is in command of this regiment, the 23rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry. After the war, Hayes was a President of the United States. His Presidential Library in Fremont remains one of that area’s top repositories of Civil War documents, letters, journals, and other relics.

Typical of my 15mm miniature wargaming terrain, this depicts a peaceful farm in the hours before the troops arrive. The farm, owned by peacable Maryland Germans, will be ruined by the tramping of the armies and the pounding of artillery and small arms.

Confederate infantry from North Carolina defend a sunken road not far from the farm depicted above. They have placed their orders for this turn of Johnny Reb 3 gaming action, and will First Fire at the oncoming Union troops coming through the farm fields toward the fenced-in dirt lane.

The battle in all its fury and frenzy — both armies have fed thousands of troops into the swirling cauldron of death, and it’s still anyone’s guess as to who will be victorious!



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