Larry Reeves’ ACW miniature wargaming

Holding the village (click photos to enlarge)

Here is the second entry to the Johnny Reb Gaming Society’s contest for Civil War miniatures. This one comes from Larry Reeves of the Jackson Gamers in Mississippi.  He was the gamemaster this past April for a club game conducted at the HobbyTown USA store in Jackson. The 15mm Confederate figures are all from Stone Mountain, while the Yankees are from Musket Miniatures, two venerable manufacturers with their origins in Colorado.

Cavalry protects the flank while the infantry engages.


The Confederates erupt in the wild Rebel yell as they ready themselves for battle. The fence in the foreground appears to be from Musket Miniatures. 

I have long believed that fencing, fields, and crops are important additions to help make a Civil War battlefield look better. Obviously Larry agrees. In the photo above, the cornfield immediately grabs your attention. I have several packages of similar corn squares sold by Doug Kline or ones I made myself, and these are indeed quite nice on the table.  Note how Larry uses light coloed flocking to delineate the road.

Nice job Larry! You and the Jackson Gamers are to be commended for a good looking table!


By the way, Larry has some interesting FREE RULES!!!

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