Some more 15mm ACW gaming action!

Note how all the farm fields add color and variety to this gaming tabletop, which represents my 15mm depiction of the fighting on Day 1 of the three-day Battle of Gettysburg. Specifically, this is the area between Blocher’s Knoll / Rock Creek and the Adams County Almshouse. The Schultz mansion is the white house in the upper right corner of the photograph. The actual house still stands, although the barn, fencing, and outbuildings are long gone. This house served for some time as Dick Ewell’s HQ and conference room.

A close-up view of my 15mm version of the Almshouse complex just north of Gettysburg, PA. The actual Almshouse was a complex of several buildings, surrounded by fencing, gardens, pathways, and outbuildings. It was torn down a few decades ago.

The Day 1 XI Corps battlefield from a different angle– note the shimmering waters of Rock Creek (made by Doug Kline of Battlefield Terrain Concepts; additional foliage and detailing by Scott Mingus).

Another typical 15mm Civil War layout… a view of my 15mm Fox’s Gap tabletop from the Battle of South Mountain.

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