Civil War gaming in Ireland!!


On the third day, the Union takes the offensive – Slocum’s Corps advances past the Wheatfield.

As we approach the 145th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg this upcoming week, there are a myriad of activities planned for the Gettysburg area, including two (not one as usual) different organized reenactments, book signings, concerts, talks, ceremonies, battle walks, period balls, etc. Unfortunately, there are no scheduled public wargames in Gettysburg to my knowledge. So, we have to be content with looking at wargames done by other folks, including these shots of a Gettysburg game from Donogh McCarthy from Dublin, Ireland – very appropriate because of the Irish Brigade’s heritage in the actual battle!

Something the real general didn’t try at Gettysburg – a miniature Alfred Pleasonton leads a saber charge at oncoming Rebels by the Gettysburg Railroad.
The Union advance toward the West Woods runs into some serious resistance early on in the attack.



Jones’ Division defends the Lower Bridge against Burnside’s IX Corps. 





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4 thoughts on “Civil War gaming in Ireland!!

  1. Donogh

    These certainly were two odd moments where the historical scenario did not survive contact with the players. Pleastonton survived that crazy cavalry charge, having bought time for the Union to occupy Gettysburg, and proceeded to have a further four infantry brigades “shot out from under him”. I really should write up an after-action-report for this game…

  2. Please do write an AAR! Many of our readers enjoy reading these reports.

  3. Donogh

    I’ve started writing up Gettysburg, (and Antietam will be next on the list), but the AAR for Champion Hill is already up

  4. canaan


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