JRGS members visit the Gettysburg Battlewalks 2008

Gettysburg Park Ranger Eric Campbell discusses the July 2 activities and actions of Maj. Gen. Winfield S. Hancock during the second day of the Battle of Gettysburg during the 145th Anniversary battlewalk earlier today. (Click all photos to enlarge them)

JRGS members and veteran wargamers Billy Ray Wagenseller, Curt Daniels, Roxanne Patton, Tom Mingus, and Scott Mingus were among the very large crowd taking in Eric Campbell’s extensive overview of General Hancock’s efforts to hold the left center during Longstreet’s Assault on July 2, 1863, 145 years ago today. (Click to enlarge – Curt is wearing the orange hat at the left center; his wife is to his immediate left; Tom is just in front of Curt wearing the green Mount Vernon Nazarene University shirt and blue parachute pants; Roxanne is to his right with the straw hat and light blue shorts; Billy Ray and Andrea are obscured by the mob.)

The Codori farm on a bright, sunny, beautiful morning in the Gettysburg National Military Park.

Park Ranger Troy Harman leads a fascinating tour of the July 2 fight at Brinkerhoff’s Ridge, a battle that a few years ago was published as a Johnny Reb 3 scenario in my Enduring Valor: Gettysburg in Miniature scenario book. This exhaustive (and exhausting) tour was almost entirely on private property that very few folks have ever walked, including JEB Stuart’s observation point, the line of the 2nd Virginia from the Stonewall brigade, the skirmish line of the 10th New York Cavalry, and many other points of interest during this 3-mile trek. Cups of free water, lemonade, and Rutter’s sweet tea at the Henry/Jacob Brinkerhoff house were well, well received after the gruelling hike across Brinkerhoff’s Ridge in 85 degree heat and bright afternoon sunshine. The hike back was equally exhausting, but the scenery unspoiled by housing developments and shopping centers, unlike so many other Civil War battlefields.

A vintage house on the eastern crest of Brinkerhoff’s Ridge that dates from before the Battle of Gettysburg; this was owned after the war by William C. Storrick (famous Gettysburg author, Licensed Battlefield Guide, and Superintendent of the Gettysburg National Military Park). Each of the 200+ battlefield trampers received a FREE set of two souvenir 2008 Civil War photograph calenders by long-time ACW photographer and publisher Helen Schwartz.

Another nicely preserved off-the-beaten path Civil War-era house from the days of the Battle of Gettysburg; this one is between East Cavalry Field and the Brinkerhoff’s Ridge fight (off of Hoffman Road).

In my opinion, the very best and most detailed contemporary account of the fight at Brinkerhoff’s Ridge is Protecting the Flank: Battle of Gettysburg, July 2-3, 1863: The Battles for Brinkerhoff’s Ridge and East Cavalry Field by my friend Eric J. Wittenberg. Troy Harman referenced the book today at the start of his battlewalk.


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One thought on “JRGS members visit the Gettysburg Battlewalks 2008

  1. Scott,

    We were in the same crowd:


    Also I wrote up john Zabawa’s shop.


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