Jim Kopchak’s 15mm ACW wargame

All photos by Doug Rogers of Mentor, Ohio. Click to enlarge.

Jim Kopchak is a Cleveland-area wargamer that I first met when I lived in the “snow belt” in an adjoining county. He’s a great guy and a talented gamer, who happens to consistently roll the dice better than me when we used to occasionally play Johnny Reb 3 together! In that regard, he certainly is not unique! LOL. Jim has published an interesting set of Civil War miniature wargaming rules entitled Civil War Commander. Here are some photos taken my my old buddy Doug Rogers at a recent ACW game Jim ran at the Drums Across the Maumee wargaming convention sponsored by HMGS-Great Lakes.

Jim has presented nice looking wargames using his rules at past HMGS-East conventions, and I believe he will be present at this year’s Historicon as well. Why not look him up? The rules are inexpensive (far less than a tank of gasoline!) and fun to play.

Doug’s photos illustrate Jim’s fine-looking terrain. The homemade fencing is sturdy, transportable, and good looking. It’s also relatively easy to make yourself, and there is NO SUCH THING as too much fencing for an Eastern Theater Civil War scenario. I have 18 linear feet of various kinds of fencing, and even that is not enough for some Gettysburg scenarios.

More photos of Jim’s game, and a very well written After-Action Report (AAR), will appear in the August issue of Charge!, the official newsletter / fanzine of the Johnny Reb Gaming Society.

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2 thoughts on “Jim Kopchak’s 15mm ACW wargame

  1. Glad to see you got the PICs on time. Jim’s game at Drums was excelent but had so much demand for players that I had to bow out and play ACW while runnig back to snap these PICs from time to time. Fortunately the games were in the same room!

  2. You aren’t kidding about fences! The best Civil War tables are often the ones with the most fencing packed into it! At Fall In last year a buddy and I put on a 25mm Civil War game on Friday night that he jokingly calls “The Battle of Using All My Fences.” And it looked good!

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