New Custer monument at Hunterstown, Pennsylvania

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Several descendants of Michigan Brigade soldiers and other interested persons donated money to acquire a small piece of land at Hunterstown and erect one of the country’s newest Civil War monuments. This marble slab and bronze relief is dedicated to Brig. Gen. George Armstrong Custer, who led the Michigan Brigade (the “Michigan Wolverines”) into action at Hunterstown against the troops of Wade Hampton III of the Confederate cavalry during the Gettysburg Campaign.

Custer was nearly killed during the Battle of Hunterstown; fast action by his bugler Norvell Churchill may have saved his life (Churchill’s descendants contributed to this new memorial stone and are recognized on the back in the list of contributors).

This monument was dedicated yesterday, July 2, 2008, on the 145th anniversary of the Battle of Hunterstown and the concurrent Battle of Gettysburg (some historians consider Hunterstown to be an extension of the larger battle at Gettysburg and have recently deemed it as “North Cavalry Field.” However, that term was not used in the Civil War, and everything I have read from participants indicated it was a separate fight). For more on the dedication ceremony, please see my friend J. David Petruzzi’s blog entry.

Now to save this old Civil War battlefield for future generations (too bad the ugly power plant spoils the pastoral viewshed).

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4 thoughts on “New Custer monument at Hunterstown, Pennsylvania

  1. Thanks for such nice coverage of our new monument here in Hunterstown!
    It is TOO bad that “the ugly power plant” is here on Hunterstown Road.
    However…it is a constant reminder as to WHY we need PROTECTION!
    We are on CWPT’s “Top 10 Endangered Battlesites” …and NEED to be
    until this important piece of hallowed ground is protected.
    We would appreciateit if your readers would contact the CWPT on our behalf.,,
    Thanks so much!

  2. Also Scott, the monument is located on the Historic Tate Farm.
    And it was members of Norvell Churchill’s family and others who
    raised the funds to erect this beautiful monument.
    In September of 2006, The Department of the Interior
    came up from Washington, DC and included Hunterstown and Fairfield
    in the Gettysburg Campaign. The whole town of Hunterstown is on
    The National Register of Historic Places.

  3. Laurie,

    Well, you and your husband are to to be greatly thanked for all your efforts to preserve the historic setting and to get the monument in place. My friend J.D. Petruzzi was a speaker at the dedication ceremony, which unfortunately I could not attend due to work. He has filled me in on the efforts of you, Dean Schultz, and many others.

    Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!

  4. Sharon Churchill

    On a Fall trip back East I stopped in at Hunterstown, PA and took pictures of the front and back of the monument. Norvell Churchill was a brother to my father-in-lw’s Grandfather, Peter Churchill. I have put this story in our family history book. The story was well written and thanks for sharing in on the internet. (My husband, Keith, is a son of Ralph Churchill and we live in Kansas)

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